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Massage Workshop STARS Massageschool

Dancing is a sport. It even falls under the same category as sprinting. This can be quite a toll on your muscles, so it's wise to sometimes treat them with a little bit of love and get them a massage. Unfortunately, getting a spontaneous massage can be difficult, so learning it yourself can make you quite popular.
For this reason 4 happy feet was given a sports massage workshop by Stars massage school. They explained how your muscles are connected and taught us how to properly loosen them. We learned a great deal, among other things about different massage techniques and acupuncture points.

Much thanks to Henk and Leontien for this amazing experience!

Interested in learning how to massage or receiving one? See for more information.

foto van D.S.V. 4 happy feet.foto van D.S.V. 4 happy feet.foto van D.S.V. 4 happy feet.