Next to the regular dancing classes, social dance evenings and spontaneous parties, the 4 happy feet members also organize a few recurring activities in which everyone can participate. This will stay the same in the oncoming years. You can count on:

The Introduction party

The introduction party is the first party of the year, at which all members of 4 happy feet are welcome. This is the perfect opportunity for new and current members to get to know each other. This party is held every year by the AcCie (Activity committee), and every year the introduction party has a special theme. This year's introduction party took place already!

The Teammatch

During the Teammatch all contestants compete against each other in teams. The teams will try their best to win the many (dancing) games and dancing rounds to gather as much points as possible, so they can compete in the exciting finale! The best team will go home with a small prize. There's also a prize to be awarded to most creative team with the best theme: the originality prize. This might be even the most important prize of the night!

The teammatch will take place on November 15.


A dancing association without a gala? Unacceptable! That is why 4 happy feet hosts it's very own gala every year, with a different location for each gala. Usually the gala takes place somewhere between January and March, and it is organized by the gala committee. This committee also thinks of a new theme every year. Do you have any ideas about the gala and want to help organize it? Please let the board know, or sign in for the gala committee!

Open drienerloos kampioenschap

The Open Drienerloos Kamioenschap (ODK) is a competition organized by 4 happy feet! This competition allows you to sign up per dance, so you can dance with multiple partners at this fun event. There will be competitions in Ballroom, Latin ánd Salsa, so with a total of 12 dances there is plenty of choice! The ODK is open to all members of 4 happy feet and dancers of other associations.

'Afdansen' for ballroom dancers

Every year, the 'afdansen' is organized by the Instruction Commitee for our very own ballroom dancers. It usually takes place at the end of the year. It is the perfect opportunity to show all other members, your family and friends, ánd a professional jury what you have learned in the past year! Everyone will receive a nice diploma at the end of the evening. You also have the chance to see a demo of top level, since the jury won't be just judging that night. 

Still not enough for you? The board is always open to your suggestions and ideas!