It takes a lot of practice to become a master. This also applies to dancing! For this reason, ánd because free dancing/ social dancing is a lot of fun, 4 happy feet organizes a free dance evening every two weeks. Everyone is welcome to join us on those evenings. They start at 21:00 and usually end around 24:00. The entrance is free for all members, non-members have to pay a small contribution of 2,00 euros.

Our social dancing location is Danscentrum Dekker in Enschede. Clicking on the location will take you to the venue on google maps. You can also find the address below.

Wooldriksweg 150
7512 AW, Enschede

There will be one of the board members present in front of the Vrijhof, so if you'd like to go to the venue together this is also a possibility. The group will leave around 20:45.