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Dancing at 4 happy feet

4 happy feet is an association for both salsa and ballroom dancing. There are multiple ways you can dance at 4 happy feet.

Following dancing lessons

4 happy feet offers dancing lessons in salsa and ballroom dancing. There are lessons available at different levels, from beginners to advanced.

In salsa there are two levels available, both are taught at Monday evenings. In ballroom there are four levels available, with a biggenrs course in english on Monday and in Dutch on Tuesday, the advanced levels are taught at Tuesday evenings. All classes will be in the Audiozaal at the Vrijhof. 

There will be introductary lessons on 4, 5, 11, 12, 18 and 19 September 2017 in the audiozaal in the Vrijhof. During these lessons you can find a dance partner if you do not have one yet. All beginners levels ballroom are at 18.00, the salsa beginners level is Monday at 19.00.

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Free dance evenings

You don't learn dancing by just attending the lessons, you also have to practice a lot. For this reason 4 happy feet also offers free dance evenings. Those free dance evenings are for both salsa and ballroom dancers. Not only can you practice your new moves, it is also a nice way get to know new people and maybe have a few drinks!

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