20 Seconds Science

This contest was in 2015.

MIRA and MESA+ launch the unique initiative “20 Seconds Science” to show and promote science with roots in Twente. We challenge all MIRA and MESA+ researchers, PhD and Master students to join and film their research in 20 seconds. On this website you can find examples of 20 seconds movies, tips and tricks and you can read how to vote for your favourite 20 Seconds Science.

What are we looking for?

We ask you to present your scientific work in an attractive way. Show us what it is about your research that excites you. We want to be impressed by your extraordinary scientific challenge, expected societal impact or economic potential. You only have 20 seconds, so be creative!

What are the requirements?

  • Keep in mind a broad audience: your well-educated neighbour (think Matthijs van Nieuwkerk) should be able to understand your story
  • Be original. Use your smartphone, make an animation, use time-lapse, scientific experiment or measurement, relevant objects, graphics, etc.
  • Language= English
  • Use audio and visuals effectively
  • Make sure the audio and visuals are royalty free
  • Your movie has to be exactly 20 seconds


You can send your movie whenever you are ready.
The final deadline for joining the competition is 16 February 2015.
The final deadline for voting is 27 February, 17:00 hrs.
Send your 20 Seconds Science to: Dennis Moekotte via We Transfer.

Now it’s up to you!

Show how Twente seconds science in 20 seconds, and maybe you’ll be the winner of an iPad Mini (or in case of a group contribution: an activity for the value of an Ipad Mini).

Good luck!

How to make a 20 Seconds Science movie? An example!