Where, When, HoW?

The award show will take place somewhere in September/October 2017. The show will take place at the Waaier 4 and the foyer. There we will view all the submissions and hand out prizes to the winners of this contest. The show will be hosted by dr.ir. Marloes Letteboer.  Afterward, there will be a drink with a bite to be able to discuss the videos with the contestants and other attendees.


  • 15.30: Doors open
  • 16.00: Welcome
  • 16.15: Video showcase
  • 16.45: Jury announcements and Awards
  • 17.00: Drinks
  • 17.30: Closing


At the event, awards will be handed out to the makers of the best videos. There will be 2 Jury prizes, one student Jury, and one professional Jury.

There will also be a third prize handed out, this will be the public award. That's why everyone should bring his/her phone with you to the award show, else you won't be able to vote on the video of which you think was best. Invite as many friends as possible to make sure you win the public award of 2017!


The Professional Jury:

The first jury will consist of the following people:

Rene Veth, Mark Huijben and Loes Segerink

The student Jury:

The second jury will consist of the following people:

Mathieu Nass and members of the board of a study association.

The Awards

Jury Award 1

To be announced.

Jury Award 2

To be announced.

Public Award

To be announced.