Specialization overview 3TU

The 3TU Master’s programme Embedded Systems at the three sites is strongly embedded within research groups covering the following topics:




Parallel and distributed systems

(prof. Sips)

Formal methods

(prof. Baeten)

Pervasive systems

(prof. Havinga)

Software engineering

(prof. van Deursen)

System analysis and design

(prof. Groote)

Energy efficient systems

(prof. Smit)

Embedded software

(prof. Langendoen)

Embedded system design

(prof. Corporaal)

Embedded control systems

(prof. Stramigioli)

Network architectures and services

(prof. Van Mieghem)

System architecture and networking

(prof. Lukkien)

Dependable (networking) systems

(prof. Haverkort)

Wireless and mobile communications

(prof. Niemegeers)

Electronic Systems

(prof. Otten)

Formal methods and tools

(prof. van de Pol)

Computer engineering (vacancy)



The core courses (25 EC) is a common core for the three sites. Students can add elective courses from the other site and even perform the final project at one of the other sites. Contact the study adviser (sometimes referred to as master’s coordinator) from the site where you want to perform the final project as soon as possible to compose a well-balanced individual student programme.