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My experience ranges from teaching mathematics at high school level and pre- and in-service university teacher training to secondary as well as upper level high school teachers. Nowadays I am a mathematics educational researcher with the focus on students’ long-term mathematical thinking processes.

I was a member of the National Committee for Mathematics Education (NOCW), a member of the International Association for Evaluation of Education Achievement (IEA), a member of the Dutch association of mathematics teachers (NVvW), and a member of the national committee that was responsible for the renewing of the Dutch mathematics educational program (Vakontwikkelgroep wiskunde).

I had my sabbatical leave in the last half year of 2009. In that time I was a member of the Department of Mathematics Education and worked with prof dr David Tall (mathematics educational researcher University of Warwick, UK).

Interest areas

My main interest is in mathematics education with respect to students’ understanding of geometry and mathematical modelling activities.


I am responsible for the following courses:


Educational research for teachers (Onderzoek van Onderwijs)


Mathematics modeling (Toppers: van tweede- naar eerstegraads)


Masters course within MasterMath (didactiek)

Selected publications

Taconis, R., & Verhoef, N.C. (2003). Learning about the educational uses of internet

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Verhoef, N.C., & Broekman, H.G.B. (2008). Learning to communicate in and with

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Verhoef, N.C. Onderwijs: De kunst van het lesgeven. Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde,

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Verhoef, Nellie C. The design of mathematics teaching for upper level high school


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