Selection second group of teams Carmel

Selection second group of teams Carmel

The University of Twente and Stichting Carmelcollege signed a cooperation agreement at the end of 2011. As indicated in this agreement 20 teams will get to work with the DATATEAM® method at several Carmel schools. The project is not only meant to improve the quality of education at these schools, but it is also in accordance with Carmel’s objective to help their pupils and employees excel... 

Schools were invited to take part in the second group of teams in the spring of 2013. The aim of the project is to support schools to implement data-based decision making in their daily practice, by means of working with the DATATEAM® method. At the same time The University of Twente will conduct a comprehensive research study into the effects of working in teams.

Selection of teams

After the invitation was published in Management-info, Carmel-actueel and distributed on the seminar for school leaders, 18 possible teams applied for the second group. As there was only room for 10 teams, a selection was made on the basis of subject matter and the distribution over schools/locations. The following 10 teams will start in September 2013:



Augustinianum Eindhoven

Outflow of pupils in first years of secondary education.

Carmelcollege Gouda

Determination in second grade

Het Hooghuis locatie TBL

Results final exams

Carmelcollege Salland Raalte

Outflow of HGSE/LVE (higher general secondary education/lower vocational education)

EHL de Boerhaave/Stormink


Sg. Marianum Groenlo

Policy regarding mathematic achievement

Pius X College van Renneslaan

Exam results Health & Social Care

Sg. Carmel Hengelo Borne


TCC Losser

Efficiency of Educational Development

Sg. Carmel Hengelo Grundel

Exam results of Higher General Secondary Education/ Pre-university Secondary Education

These 10 teams will be followed closely by the University of Twente between September 2013 and July 2015. Hanadie Leusink ( will be the trainer for each of the Carmel schools. All teams will start with a kick-off in September 2013.