Conference great success!

The foundation is sound, raise the bar!” This was the thrilling statement with which Romain Rijk, chairman of the day, opened the conference ‘Data-based decision making in datateams’. This conference was organized by The University of Twente in collaboration with the Stichting Carmelcollege, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Secondary Education Council. More than 140 teachers, school leaders, staff members, advisors and other interested parties gathered at the Grolsch Veste in Enschede to talk in great length about the application of data-based decision making in secondary education.

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The morning programme focused on combining science and day-to-day practice. The world-renowned New Zealand researcher, Professor Dr. Helen Timperley gave the first lecture ‘Realizing the power of data in professional learning’. Three questions were key here: “Where are we going? How are we doing? Where to next”’ The question central to the professionalization of teachers should be: “What are the pupils’ needs?” Next up was Dr. Lorna Earl from Canada, the founder of the data team method. She spoke some inspiring words regarding the use of data for school improvement. An important message was: “You don’t get changes in practice without learning”. Dr. Kim Schildkamp, data team project leader, concluded the morning programme with her lecture on examples drawn from day-to-day practice and the first outcomes of the data team method. The attending data teams could easily identify with her story.