Study Adviser

The study adviser can be approached to discuss all study-related and personal matters. In addition to study planning, study skills, choice of study and individual and University schemes, students can also approach study advisers to discuss motivation, activism and changing degree programmes. The study adviser may refer the student to the services of the student deans and psychologists. The study adviser may approach the student to discuss study progress, whereby the mentor may be included in the discussion, if the study results give cause to do so.

The study adviser acts as confidential adviser to the students. Students may request an interview with their study adviser at any time. The study adviser for Electrical Engineering is Daphne Boere: Zilverling 1020, phone +31 489 3288, E-mail:

All individual interviews held between the student and the study adviser are reported in OSIRIS, the student information system. These reports are confidential, but can be accessed by the student.

First-year students will receive a recommendation within the framework of the directive student progress evaluation as soon as the grades of the first quarter are published. Students who receive a negative first recommendation will be invited for an interview with the study adviser. A second recommendation is issued around May/June, when the grades of the third quarter are published. Again, students who receive a negative recommendation will be invited for an interview with the study adviser.

The study adviser monitors the results of the students during the academic year and will invite students for an interview if this is deemed necessary. Students may also request an interview with the study adviser themselves at any time.

Students are also asked to update their study plan regularly. The study adviser uses this information during the interviews with the student.

D.W. (Daphne) Boere, MSc




ZI 1020

+31 53 489 3288