Goodbye Ed Brinksma

Brinksma Innovation Grant

The Brinksma Innovation Grant (BIG) allows a UT staff member to dedicate part of his of her time to work out an innovative approach to education. This can be to approve or test a concept and/or to publish about it. In any case, dissemination to the wider UT community is a crucial aspect of the grant.

The BIG allows for compensation for 0,2 fte to be paid to the group or department the staff member works in. The employee can declare costs for travel and materials to a maximum of € 2.500. Furthermore, coaching and educational advice is offered by the CELT-team. And of course, there is a real trophy.

The BIG is named after prof. Dr. Ed Brinksma, rector of the UT from 2008 to 2016. Under his leadership, the university introduced TOM (the Twente education model) and founded UCT ATLAS, among several other educational innovations.

Check back here soon for the regulations and procedure for the first BIG, to be announced during the Education Day in October of 2017. Expected deadline for admissions is July 1, 2017.