Your workplace is cleaned daily by Asito. A cleaning organisation that gives substance to the concept of sustainability in many ways. Since January 2010, Asito has been working 100% climate neutral, and was the first cleaning company in the Netherlands to do so. By putting in place several measures, Asito has first reduced its CO2 footprint. The CO2 that it is as yet unable to reduce, is compensated by Gold Standard compensation certificates.

For reasons to do with the environment and health, Asito has opted for using micro fibre cloths for cleaning. This ensures that hardly any detergents are needed. The detergents that are still needed, are environmentally friendly. By transporting strong concentrations of the detergents, Asito saves on packaging and transport. In addition, transport costs are reduced by a smart ordering system. As a result of this, a lorry carrying the cleaning products drives to the UT only once a month to deliver them. All these measures contribute considerably to reducing the CO2 footprint!