Sustainability Mission

Sustainability Mission University of Twente

The University of Twente is an entrepreneurial university which via innovative solutions contributes to social issues in the area of sustainability. The combination of technology and social sciences makes for a unique approach: high tech / human touch. We develop and apply sustainable innovations in close cooperation with our environment. Students and staff play an active role in this context. Our green campus offers a living lab for research and education and inspires us to conduct our operations in a sustainable manner. The focus of both education and research lies on the environment and our climate.

What does this mean in practice?

The University of Twente’s core business is research, education and valorisation. In curricula and research programmes sustainability is an important theme. In particular in research the UT is a clear forerunner and we distinguish ourselves for making this practically applicable. This is clearly shown in the cooperation with Kennispark Twente, where the business sector and science amalgamate with one another. We also wish to organise the way we conduct our own operations in as sustainable a way as possible. This is in tune with our social responsibility. In doing so, we seek to apply the findings from our own research as much as possible.


High tech / human touch: today technical solutions for sustainability issues are becoming important to people and society at large owing to research in the area of behavioural and social sciences. The UT is strong in the field of research into processes of social transition. It is indispensible in applying and initiating new, sustainable technologies. We also distinguish ourselves through our excellent research in, among other things, the fields of sustainable energy and water. Research of the highest quality performed with a keen focus on social areas of application and knowledge valorisation.


Our students are trained to become professionals who develop and combine high-quality knowledge and translate this into practical applications. Awareness of sustainability is an obvious part of this. Students at the UT develop a broad horizon. They have an eye for their environment and for social dilemmas and are able to deal with these adequately. The multi-disciplinary character of our programmes contributes to this.

Sustainability is a topic that is taught systematically in each programme so that every student upon graduation has become familiar with it in a meaningful way and is able to propagate it during his or her professional life. Foreign students will take this high-quality knowledge with them to their home countries.


The unique, green campus invites the UT to embrace sustainability. The UT’s task is to implement sustainability in its policy and operations, and care for the campus and its surroundings. This is expressed among other things in the activities developed in and around the campus. The operational processes are aimed at handling raw materials in a sound and responsible way and cutting back emissions. The UT seeks to be an example for its environment in the area of sustainable entrepreneurship. The campus offers a stimulating study and work environment for students and staff alike. It is also a Living Lab where scientists demonstrate sustainable research solutions, collaboration with business sector is made visible and students conduct research.