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Symposium 7 mei Eco-crime: Illegal Deforestation

Eco-crime: illegal deforestation
Ecological crime is a new branch of global organized crime. It has become highly lucrative to deal in Nature’s precious resources. One of these resources is the tropical rainforest. ... read more

Mini seminar

Mini Seminar May 7

On Monday May 7 you are invited to attend the fifth ‘Sustainable Campus’ mini seminar. The concept is the same; under the guidance of a moderator Lisette Bochev from Studium Generale a ‘high tech’ and a ‘human touch’ scientist for the UT will be challenged to bridge their field of expertise on the subject below.

Only ‘Human Touch research’ will result in a (more) Sustainable Campus
High Tech applications are simply not smart enough ... read more

campus wood

Questionnaire about our green campus for employees and students

A development towards sustainable commuting traffic is one of the issues for a Green Campus. ... read more