3 – Tutoring and assessment

Tutoring during the master thesis CS

The student will be assigned to a first supervisor and a co-reader / 2nd assessor. Both the first supervisor and co-reader / 2nd assessor are teaching staff related to the educational department of the bachelor Communication Science and/or the master Communication Studies. In general, in order to be able to give expert advice, the first supervisor is related to the master track of the master Communication Studies in which the research project finds its origin. The co-reader / 2nd assessor will generally be assigned to supervise the (final) research design before conduction the actual research and the co-reader / 2nd assessor will also be involved during the (final) reporting stage and the assessment of the master thesis CS.

The actual supervisor(s) of the Master Thesis CS will be assigned by the master thesis coordinator in consultation with the eligible tutors, and always based on a research proposal from the student.

Assessment of the master thesis CS

Considering the learning goals, the assessment of the Master Thesis CS is based on four assessment moments: 1) research proposal, 2) research report / article, 3) process / management of project, and 4) presentation / graduation ceremony. In total, the student can gain a maximum of 100 points. The final grade will be the total gained points divided by 10. The complete assessment matrix is depicted below:

Assessment matrix - Master Thesis CS


















Learning goals


Element of Assessment

Weighting (points)






1 - Research proposal

"Go / no-go"







Description of research proposition








Embedding of context or case study








Proposed research design(s)








Project planning







2 - Research report / article

75 (>= 40)







Quality of the structured abstract








Quality of the introduction section








Quality of the theoretical framework








Methods, instruments and data collection








Quality of data analysis and results section







Quality of conclusions and discussion section







General reporting quality







3 - Process / project management








Independence of the student








Contact and meetings with tutors








Practical and professional skills







4 - Presentation / colloquium








Content of presentation








Display of presentation skills








Answering of questions
















Total points