International student competition 'Smart Cities - Water'

International student competition 'Smart Cities - Water' starts Wanted: enthusiastic students with visionary ideas and interesting concepts that can contribute to a smart and easy-to-manage water chain in a smart city. The student competition ‘Connecting Water: which steps to take for smart cities’ has started. In this competition, TVVL is looking for enthusiastic master students with visionary ideas and interesting concepts related to sanitary systems in buildings that can contribute to a smart and easy-to-manage water chain in a smart city. Students are eligible to participate if their project, graduation or research report concerns an innovative idea in the field of the water chain that focuses on simplicity or robust smart solutions. All contributions will be assessed by the jury for originality and level of innovation. In the final, great cash prizes can be won (1st prize € 7,000, 2nd prize € 2,000, 3rd prize € 1,000).  Our sector can no longer only find solutions to technical challenges within the context of a single building or discipline. Therefore, for the future of our sector, TVVL is focusing on the urban environment. For 2017, the theme of the year is ‘Water’. Within this context, the TVVL Sanitary Technology expert group has arranged that the 43rd international symposium CIB W062 – Water Supply and Drainage for Buildings will be held on 23 to 25 August 2017 in the Netherlands. A great moment to participate in the student competition and contribute to the water chain of the future. In 2009, the Sanitary Technology expert group gave two presentations concerning the future of the water sector during the TVVL-Technology Day ‘Prepared for the future?’ The expert group then cooperated in the publication: ‘Verbindend Water in een veranderende praktijk' (Connecting water as practice changes). This publication shows that TVVL expects that drawings made of the 'future water chain' will depict a system that is too complicated. TVVL is certain that the ability to manage and maintain the system is the most critical aspect of a design.  The last date to submit ideas is 15 November 2016. Possible contributors should submit their ideas, including a short description, on a single A4 sheet of paper stating the reason why the sender thinks that he or she is eligible to participate. On 22 August 2017, after a presentation given by the finalists, the winners of the prizes will be announced during a press conference at the symposium. For more detailed information visit our website.  

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TVVL is the Platform for man and technology. It was founded in 1959 and currently has over 1000 private members and 500 company members. TVVL is one of the main discussion and knowledge partners in the technological sector, one that considers the technical challenges of the future. Originally focusing on building-linked system engineering, TVVL now connects various disciplines and offers a platform, a think tank, in which knowledge is shared, developed and transferred.

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