Spacar 2015 for Motion and Vibarion Control

For the Master Course on Motion and Vibration Control you need to use the SPACAR software. The links on this page help you to find the correct versions of the software. For additional information, see the links on the top of this page.
  • The "Student" version of the SPACAR package can be found on the download page, but is to restrictive in the number of degrees of freedom in your models. Instead you need the "Extended" version Apart from less restrictive limitations, the installation instructions in the "download & install" link apply.
  • To use the SPACAR GUI you can download version 2.0.25: In this ZIP file are the executatble (Spacar.exe) and some additional files like on-line help (spacar20.chm). Assure that the configuration datafile (Spacar20.ini) and the license files are installed in the same folder as the executable. The software can be used until May 31, 2016. Until then you can also check for updates via the menu: Help -> Check for Updates...