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Ir. J.J. (Jan) de Jong PDEng
Mechanical Automation and Mechatronics
Faculty of Engineering Technology
Building, Room
Horstring (building number 21) HR, Z-228
+31 53 489 2567
Tel. Secretary
+31 53 489 2502

2012 - 2014
Profesional Doctorate in Engineering, Robotics
University of Twente
2010 - 2012
Master degree Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Automation)
University of Twente
2004 - 2010
Bachelor degree Mechanical Engineering
University of Twente

Research: Inherent dynamic balancing for fast and accurate manipulators (IN-BALANCE)

Cycle time reduction of commercial robots require faster robots without compromising the accuracy. Higher velocities and acceleration also increases the reaction force and moments at the base which in turn lead to undesired base vibrations. These vibrations reduce the accuracy of the end-effector and therefore require waiting times to let the vibrations dampen out. Dynamic balancing aims to distribute the mass of the mechanism such that these shaking forces and moments are elimated. Considering dynamic balance at the beginning of the design process and the use of parallel mechanisms can reduce the complexity and added inertia of the balancing solution.


Dynamic balance, parallel robotics, kinematics, screw theory, control, mechanical design, medical robotics, vision systems.

Previous projects:

Design of a robot for TMS during treadmill walking - A novel robot has been designed for the application of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) during motion therapies such as treadmill walking. As the velocity of the head during treadmill walking exceeds the velocity safety limits of conventional TMS robots, a novel robot design is required that combines high velocity with intrinsic safety.
Side projects:
  • Plot2LaTeX - Code for exporting Matlab figures to LaTeX with true LaTeX text.
Selected publications: