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Lecturing with chalk - NOS broadcasts it idigitally

The lectures of Jurnan Schilder have had their share of attention over the last years, due to their unique character: ignoring all technological progress, Jurnan remains convinced that the best way of lecturing is by building up complex derivations piece by piece on the blackboard. ... read more

Triboform Winner Starters International Business Award 2015

TriboForm Engineering, located in Enschede, is the winner of the Starters International Business Award 2015. This young spin-off company from the Nonlinear Solid Mechanics research chair, develops software for the simulation of friction, lubrication and wear in production processes. They deliver easy-to-use software for the automotive and metal processing industry. The Volvo Car Group and Daimler AG are, amongst other companies, customer of TriboForm Engineering. ... read more

NWO-Onderzoek SINTAS

NWO heeft subsidie beschikbaar gesteld voor een onderzoek waarin de leerstoel Dynamics based Maintenance deelneemt. ... read more

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