Workshop topics

The scientific contributions to the workshop will be categorized in the following topics. Please take note of these topics before submitting an abstract to ensure proper reviewing and scheduling. If you feel important topics are missing or if you want to contribute to the workshop with a specific session, please contact the organization before March 1, 2015.

Thermoacoustic systems and applications

The analysis and realization of complete thermoacoustic systems such as heat pumps, coolers and engines. This topic is devoted to research on a system level which can be both modelling as well as practical or experimental work. Moreover, applied research and commercial applications are addressed.

Thermoacoustic components

The development and modelling of various thermoacoustic components will be addressed such as heat exchangers, stacks, regenerators, etc.

Acoustic to electric conversion

Special topic dedicated to the challenges and possibilities of the conversion of acoustic energy to electricity for thermoacoustic applications.

Streaming and non-linearities

Experimental, numerical and theoretical work on acoustic streaming and other non-linear behavior in thermoacoustics will be addressed.

Experimental techniques

The development and analysis of experimental techniques and measurement systems for application in thermoacoustic experiments.