Resin transfer moulding


start: 1st Jun 2001
finish: 31st Dec 2005
budget: k€ 850
staff: 2 PhD students
grant: NLR
partners: NLR, Fokker Aerospace SP, SP AV&S, Eurocarbon, Polyworx

Resin Transfer Moulding offers significant improvements compared to the traditional autoclave/prepreg technology. The process is suitable for automated production, it provides greater freedom for optimised reinforcements and it enables single stage production of parts of a greater complexity. In addition, the costs of material and equipment are lower than its traditional predecessor. Currently, however, there are insufficient specific design tools to permit large-scale application of this production process. Within this project, a tool will be developed to predict the fibre orientation generated by (automated) braiding of RTM performs, and the resulting composite properties, to be used as an input for structural analyses. Also an inverse approach will be implemented, by which the braiding process parameters will be predicted from design stiffnesses. Secondly, a tool will be generated for the prediction of the permeability and compressibility of reinforcements of various architectures.