Large diameter reinforced thermoplastic pipe


acronym: LDRTP
start: 1st Jun 2001
finish: 31st Mar 2004
budget: k€ 165
staff: 1 PhD student
grant: BIT/Eureka
partners: Pipelife NL, Seaflex AS, Sulzer Innotec

Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes offer flexibility, good fatigue and corrosion resistance combined with a low weight while permitting efficient continuous production methods. Although the material costs exceed those of conventional steel pipe systems, the total life cycle costs of RTP’s compare favourably when other operational costs such as installation and repair are considered. This project aims to develop a pipe with a high pressure and temperature resistance and a high resistance to very unfavourable environmental circumstances and aggressive chemicals. Furthermore, the pipe system must be flexible enough to allow for a relatively easy and low-cost subsea installation technique.