Production Lab


The production lab of Production Technology is equipped to produce composite specimens using the press technology and the resin infusion technique. The first is mostly dedicated to the production of thermoplastic matrix composite laminates. The second, resin infusion, is a flexible technique for producing thermosetting matrix composite plates and components. Beside, production related measurement equipment is also developed.

Fontijne TP1000 Hot Press

The Fontijne TP1000 hot press is used to produce flat laminates from prepreg or filmstacking. Closed moulds are mostly used for this purpose. Thermoplastic as well as thersetting prepreg can be used. But also film stacking bsed laminates or metal laminates can be produced in this press.


Vacuum assisted Resin Transfer Moulding

Vacuum assisted Resin Transfer Moulding does not concern a specific piece of apparatus, but designate a technique requiring a limited amount of equipment to drive resin into a fabric.

Basically, only a simple mould part, a vacuum pomp and a closing film are necessary.


Permeameter Κz

Not exactly a production related piece of equipment, rather a home designed apparatus to measure the through-thickness permeability of fabric. This permeability (Κz) is, together with the in-plane permeability (see Vacuum assisted Resin Transfer Moulding), essential to predict the filling of a complex Liquid Composite Moulding product.