The lab facilities of the Chair of Production Technology cover a wide range of equipments, meant to support the modelling efforts within our research. Experimental work is necessary to highlight the behaviour of materials and structures before modelling. Also material properties are important. Beside, validation is necessary to explore the limits of the model proposed.

Our lab also works within the framework of the faculty Mechanical Testing Laboratory, which regroups the complementary facilities of seven chairs.


The series of analysis equipment is meant at providing tools to characterise and measure physical properties and behaviour of materials. They also support various activities as modelling, process experiments, mechanical testing.

They include micrograph facilities, thermo-mechanical analysis, stress measurement…


Mechanical Testing

The production technology lab offers a wide range of Universal Testing Systems to cover a wide range of type and level of loading. These machines are not only used to perform standard tests, but also to characterise the physical behaviour of the materials and structures used in our research.


Impact Testing

This particular type of loading is well represented within our lab. The facilities make it possible to load different types of structures, from coupon type to small structures, at different rates.


Production Lab

The production lab of Production Technology is equipped to produce composite specimens using the press technology and the resin infusion technique. The first is mostly dedicated to the production of thermoplastic matrix composite laminates. The second, resin infusion, is a flexible technique for producing thermosetting matrix composite plates and components. Beside, production related measurement equipment is also developed.