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Research topics

Design of Aluminum Extrusion dies


Process development for Layered Manufacturing

Intelligent & safe use of Robotics

Professional History


Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Twente, the Netherlands. The topic of the master thesis was to enrich a finite element program for nonlinear metal deformation with a material model for injection molding of plastics.




Phd in mechanical engineering from the University of Twente (2001; Development of an Integrated Design Tool for Aluminium Extrusion Dies). During the dissertation work a support tool for extrusion die designers was developed and tested. The tool both minimized the design efforts as increased the quality of the design and resulting extrusion process.




Ass. Professor at the University of Twente, Faculty of Engineering Technology. Within this faculty the main educational activities are related to Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design. The current main research topic include TRIZ and Rapid Manufacturing ( )




Member of the board of Manufuture is an European organization which mission is to propose, develop and implement a strategy based on Research and Innovation, capable of speeding up the rate of industrial transformation to high-added-value products, processes and services, securing high-skills employment and winning a major share of world Manufacturing output in the future knowledge-driven economy. is the Dutch branch of this organization.( ; )




Associate member of CIRP. CIRP is the International Academy for Production Engineering. To envision to promote research and development among its members from Academia and Industry to contribute to the global economic growth and well-being of society by developing the highest level international network of eminent Researchers and Industrialists for the purpose of marshalling their knowledge and insights (


Organizer of the TRIZ Future conference, Synthesis in Innovation. Held from 5-7 November 2008, Enschede, The Netherlands. 78 Participants presented 35 papers on both the scientific as the practical aspects of TRIZ.


Board member of ETRIA. ETRIA is the acronym that stands for European TRIZ association. ETRIA intends to function as a connecting link between industrial companies, institutions, educational organizations and individuals concerned with conceptual questions pertaining to organization and processing of innovation knowledge. (


President of ETRIA, the European TRIZ association. During this period as an co-organizer involved in several TRIZ conferences and was editor of the conference proceedings




Board member Rapid Manufacturing Center. Rapid manufacturing is one of the fasted growing production technologies. It has been identified as the trend to watch for the coming years. The Rapid manufacturing center intends to be a platform for knowledge and innovation on rapid manufacturing. It does so by setting up an independent cooperation network between knowledge institutions, nonprofit organizations and commercial parties. ( )

Educational tasks

Courses & Project work

Several courses for Industrial Design Engineering (IDE), Mechanical Engineering(ME) and Sustainable Engineering Technology (SET)


Introduction to FEM for IDE (IDE)


Design Methodology (SET)


Manufacturing 4 (IDE); production 2 (IDE)


Project: Realization of products (IDE)


TRIZ Fundamentals (IDE & ME)


TRIZ Assignments (IDE & ME)


Construction Technology (IDE)


Rapid Manufacturing (IDE & ME; in preparation)


Several educational project in the bachelor phase of IDE

Bachelor & Master assignments

3 PHD students


Members of 40+ examination committees on master and bachelor level

Member of 3 PhD examination boards


Member of the Educational board of mechanical engineering








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Open Source Powder based Rapid Prototyping Machine for Ceramics Original Research Article

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TRIZ as an enabler for intellectual property protection during product development. Tom Vaneker, Roy Damgrave and Jelle Kuster - page 411-419, Proceedings of the 13th ETRIA world TRIZ future conference, Paris France 29th-31st of October 2013.



2012 TubeYourFuture project.

2013 Keynote speech entitled A Decade of TRIZ research at ETRIA conferences at the 1st International Symposium on Extenics and Innovation Methods, Beijing China.

2014 Touch your future

2014 Invited presentation on 3D printen; Nederlandse Keramische Vereniging.

2014 Article on 3D Printing in KGK, Onafhankelijk vakblad voor keramiek, glas en minerale kleurstoffen (to be published)