Oude Luttikhuis, E.J.

Ir. E.J. Oude Luttikhuis (Ellen)

Researcher Packaging Design & Management





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General Information

Ellen Oude Luttikhuis is researcher and involved in the project ‘Packaging Chains in Lasting Balance. She studied Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Twente and received her master degree by researching and applying sustainability in packaging design at FrieslandCampina. The current project is closely related to this subject: the integration of an aspects like sustainability in the development of content-packaging combinations.


Life cycle engineering, sustainability, packaging and product design


Lange, J. de, Oude Luttikhuis, E.J., Klooster, R. ten and Lutters, D., Towards Integrating Sustainability in the Development of Product/Packaging Combinations, in CIRP Design Conference, M. Abramovici and R. Stark, Editors. 2013, Springer Verlag: Bochum (D). p. 855-864.

Oude Luttikhuis, E.J., Toxopeus, M.E., Overcash, M., Applying Unit Process Life Cycle Inventory (UPLCI) Methodology in Product/Packaging combinations, in CIRP LCE Conference, A. Y.C. Nee, B. Song, S. Ong, Editors. 2013, Springer Singapore. p. 15-20

Lutters, E., Oude Luttikhuis, E.J., Toxopeus, M.E., ten Klooster, R., Appropriateness of Life Cycle Assessments for Product/Packaging Combinations, in COMA Conference, 2013, South-Africa.

Research interests

Product and packaging design, design methods, information management, life cycle engineering,

Specific current research projects

Packaging chains in lasting balance (IOP IPCR)