ElChe Wettringen: Storage as an alternative to grid reinforcements

Type Flexible
Programme Embedded Systems, Computer Science or Mathematics
Contact Stefan Nykamp


Storage assets are seen as an important element in the context of energy transition processes and the development of smart grids. Westnetz, as Germanys largest distribution system operator, has gained experiences with different technologies such as Power2Gas, biomass buffering or batteries to enable the suitable integration of renewables. With the project “ElChe Wettringen”, Westnetz has found a solution for an expedient integration of photovoltaic generators in the grid with an electrochemical asset (250 kW / 1MWh) as a technically interesting and beneficial alternative to conventional reinforcements.

The goal of the assignment is to consider the algorithms used for the local grid supporting operations of the ElChe system. Hereby the current control algorithms can be extended and/or algorithms can be developed to allow combined operation for, e.g., balancing support next to the local grid support. For this assingment it is possible to work (parttime) in Bad Bendheim.