Study programme 2nd year

Repair of pre-TOM courses

Repair of pre-TOM courses (for students who started in 2012 or earlier)

If you started studying Creative Technology before the introduction of the TOM modules, your examination programme consists of courses which we don’t teach any more.

If you miss one of those old courses, you can still get a mark for it (even if we don’t teach it any more). The Teaching and Examination Regulations contain transitional arrangements to deal with your situation. You can find those arrangements here

In most cases your old pre-TOM course corresponds to components in a new TOM module.

In five cases there is no such correspondence between old courses and new modules. These exceptions are:

  • 201000194 Programming with Structures (Mader)
  • 191567020 Systems and Signals ST
  • 201000085 Queues and Logistics (Boucherie)
  • 201000196 Creative Explorations in Art, Science and Technology (Mader)
  • 201200114 Second Year Portfolio (Tutors)

What should you do if you miss a course *outside* the exceptions list?

Step 1: check the correspondence table to see where (i.e. in which module) your old course is located.

Step 2: Do not enrol for that module, but get enrolled for the old course.
You cannot do that by yourself, you have to report your situation to Mrs. Barbara Spikker-Sieverink (BOZ), she can and will enrol you.

Step 3: You will get BB access to the module (no action on your part is required);

Step 4: BOZ will instruct you to contact the module coordinator, or one of the module examiners, to hear what exactly you are supposed to do. (You will follow the instructions, action required)

What should you do if you miss a course *in* the exceptions list?

191567020 Systems and Signals ST

If you did not manage to complete 191567020 Systems and Signals ST at the end of the first semester of 2014-2015, you must take your degree with the New Media variant 201200111 Systems and Signals NM instead. This is an alternative allowed by the Teaching and Examination Regulations, and it is the only alternative we offer after January 2015. Proceed according to the instructions for courses outside the exceptions list.

Other courses than Systems and Signals for Smart Technology

If you miss another course from the “exceptions” list at the top of the page, you have to report your situation to the teacher/examiner of the missing course. Their names are in the list.