Professor Nico M. van Dijk has been responsible for the Operations Research (OR) and Management (OM) Program at the University of Amsterdam. Since April 2012 he is affiliated to the University of Twente and CHOIR.

He has a strong research interest in the area of stochastic OR and health care.

He has been involved in a variety of practical projects, among which for the Dutch

railways, the Dutch airport Schiphol, the Dutch Triple A, the Dutch

Ministry of Health, the Dutch blood banks and various hospitals.

Scientific health care related publications / activities

On the rejection probability in OT-ICU (Operating Theatre-Intensive Care Unit) systems,

(with N. Kortbeek), in preparation.

Reduce fluctuations in capacity to improve the accessibility of radiotherapy treatment cost-effectively ( with P.E. Joustra and P.J. Bakker) .

Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal, Vol 24, 448-464, 1936-6582 (2012)

An interactive tool to support medical management with strategic patient-mix decisions,

(with P.E. Joustra and P.J. Bakker) .

Health Care Management Science , Vol 14 (4), Dec 2011, 348-360 (2011)

Platelet Pool Inventory Management: theory meets practice.

(with W.deKort, M. Janssen, N.Kortbeek, N. Jansen, J. van der Wal).

Transfusion, (a blood medicine journal), Vol 51,11, 2295-2303 (2011)

To Pool or not to Pool in Hospitals.

(with P.E. Joustra and H.J. van der Sluis)

Annals Operations Research 178, 77-89, (2010)

Erlang Loss Bounds for OT-ICU systems. (with N.Kortbeek)

Queueing Systems 63, 253-275, (2009)

Pooling is not always the answer (with H.J. van der Sluis).

European Journal of Operational Research 197, 415-421, (2009)

Blood platelet production: a novel approach for practical optimization

(with R. Haijema, J. van der Wal and C. Smit Sibinga).

Transfusion 49, (a blood medicine journal), 411-420, (2009)

Blood platelet production with breaks: optimization by SDP and simulation

(with R. Haijema, J. van der Wal and C. Smit Sibinga).

International Journal of Production Economics 121, 464-473, (2009) .

Blood Platelet Production: Optimization by Dynamic Programming and Simulation (with R. Haijema and J. van der Wal).

Computers and Operations Research, 760-779 , (2007)

On Dimensioning Intensive Care Units (with N. Kortbeek).

Operations Research Proceedings 2007

Springer, 291-296, (2008),

Bounds for Simulation (with H.J. van der Sluis).

Journal of Simulation (2008), 2, 61-65

Medisch Contact (/ Medical Contact)

(Major dutch magazine for physicians)

(in dutch / roughly translated titles)

Heersen over de golven / Control the waves ( (2004, 406-408)

Het halve werk is een goed begin /Halftime is a good start (2004, 409-412)

Deeltijd helpt productie verhogen /Parttime helps to improve production (sept 2006)

Health care projects

( in cooperation with)


AMC / Amsterdam Academic Medical Center


Deventer Ziekenhuis


Bloedbank /Blood bank Sanquin , Region South East Nijmegen


Bloedbank /Blood bank Sanquin, Region North East Nederland


Groningen Academic Medical Center on Waiting lists supported by

Zorg Onderzoek Nederland-Medische Wetenschappen (ZonMW 2002-2003)


Wachtlijst Simulatie voor Ziekenhuizen/ Waiting list simulation for hospitals

Amsterdam, 30-10-2003 (i.s.m. VWS / Dutch Ministry for health care )


On Erlang’s loss formula for ICU dimensioning

Invited speaker at the Erlang’s Centennial meeting (April 2009)

To pool or not to pool in healthcare

International Seminar on OR and ICT in Healthcare, Eindhoven University (Febr 2010)

Blood Platelet Optimization for Blood Banks: Theory meets Practice

First Prize Interactive poster award presentation at the Annual meeting of the American OR society (INFORMS 2011) on blood management based on work with OR team (November 23, 2011)