At least 1 month prior to the starting date of the Master’s assignment

  • Student acquires a Master’s assignment project by consulting the staff of the chosen research group.
  • Student, professor, and mentor/daily supervisor compose and agree on a project description.
  • Student and professor sign the “MSc final project contract and Course List” for the Master’s assignment, to get consent for the proposed assignment and a confirmation you have to fulfilled all requirements for starting the Master’s assignment (also see here).
  • Student submits the graduate contract to S&OA-TNW, who will pass it on to the Board of Examiners (mail:; but this is often done via the secretary of the research group).

At the start of the assignment

  • Student signs safety rules provided by the secretary of the research group (if necessary)
  • The secretary of the group registers the contact information of the student.
  • The daily supervisor appoints a working space to the student, introduces the other staff members and plans the assignment.

During the assignment

  • Student and daily supervisor have (a weekly) consultation.
  • Student and daily supervisor make interim colloquium plans.
  • Student and Master’s assignment committee plan at least two interim meetings.

Before the colloquium

  • Student sets date and time for colloquium after consult with Master’s assignment committee.
  • Student returns the form “Application MSc Colloquium” to S&OA-TNW (mail: at least one month before the planned colloquium.
  • The colloquium is announced internally by the secretary of the group.
  • Student/S&OA arranges a room for the colloquium and presence of required audio-visual materials.
  • Student invites guests for colloquium and may plan a drink.
  • Student (with help of secretariat) takes care of reproduction and distribution of the report at least two weeks prior to the colloquium.
  • Student hands over an electronic version of the thesis (PDF format) to S&OA.
  • S&OA sends admission with unsigned diploma, temporary grade list and empty grade slip to the daily supervisor and informs the student.
  • Student clears desk, possibly dismantles experimental set-up, returns books and backs up data.

After the colloquium

  • Student signs diploma.
  • Daily supervisor sends filled-in grade slip to S&OA.
  • S&OA sends final grade list to student’s home address.
  • Student signs out of programme at CSA via this link (and DUO).