Tuition fee

Tuition fee premaster changes into paying an amount per EC.

Legislation on tuition fees for premaster students altered in mid-July 2013. As of 1 September 2013, for a premaster degree programme, instead of paying a tuition fee you will pay an amount per EC (study credit).

Amount per EC:

30 EC € 917.50

You pay a similar amount depending on the size of your premaster.



This regulation applies to both Dutch and international students with a premaster enrolment.


Instead of paying tuition fees, you will pay an amount in one go and in advance for your entire premaster programme.


It is only possible to pay in one instalment.


You have no right to a refund (repayment of a part of the amount paid) in the event that you de-enrol your premaster enrolment prematurely.


If you haven’t paid the amount on time CSA may de-enrol your premaster programme retroactively.

Please also have a look at the changes in the enrolment regulations and the complete information about premasters on our website.