I will graduate in September, how do I have to make my payment?

If you graduate in September and you want to de-enrol from 1 October 2013 we will deduct the first instalment on 30 September 2013. After you are de-enrolled we will return a part of the paid tuition fee. This means that you will only pay for the month you were enrolled.

Why did the UT change the number of instalments?

The bank transfers in European Union are turned from fragmented national markets into a single domestic one (SEPA). Therefore we need more time to deduct the payments. That it is why it is no longer possible to pay every month.

Why are the instalments not evenly spread throughout the Academic year?

The deductions of tuition fee in June, July and August fail often. Reason are that there is not enough money on the account or the account does not exist anymore. Therefore we will not receive all the tuition fee. This means that there is lesser money for education, which means lesser quality of education. Therefore we have chosen for deducting the last instalment in April.

When debiting in four instalments the fees will be debited on


30 September 2013


29 November 2013


28 February 2014


30 April 2014

The first instalment will be raised by € 24.00 administration costs.

Can I transfer the amount for one month?

The UT will not accept any alternative payment schedules. If you want to make a transfer yourself, this is only possible when pay the whole amount at once before 1 September 2013. The only payment in instalments you can make is by authorisation in four instalments. If you decide to transfer the amount for just one month, the normal instalment will still be deducted.

If we do not receive the (whole) payment of the instalment, you will receive a reminder. If you still do not pay the instalment after this reminder, it is possible that we will de-enrol you at the University of Twente.

Is there any temporary rule?

No, there is not any temporary rule.

Why did we not get this information any earlier?

We cannot just change the policy. There are a lot of departments who have to agree with this change. As long as we did not finalize this new policy, we could not inform the students about this. We did put some information on our website about the plans of changing the number of instalments into four from the 2013-2014 Academic year.