Premaster students enrol in a bachelor programme. Review master programme and belonging bachelor programme.

Instead of paying tuition fees you will pay an amount per EC (study credit). In the academic year 2016-2017 you will pay € 992.10 for 30 ECs, or a similar amount depending on the size of your premaster. This applies to both Dutch students and international students.

What does this mean for you?


After application and admission, the programme determines the total number of ECs for your premaster. Instead of paying tuition fees, you will pay an amount, in one go and in advance, for your entire premaster.


The amount you have to pay will be calculated based on the number of ECs for your premaster.


The amount you have to pay does not depend on the number of months that you are enrolled.


The final duration of your premaster is twice the nominal duration of your premaster and you are entitled to two examination opportunities.


You have no right to a refund (repayment of part of the amount paid) in case that you terminate your enrolment prematurely.


If you stop your premaster you can’t come back to complete this premaster.


When you enrol for a premaster, you may only attend and complete premaster subjects agreed for this programme.


You will be enrolled as a student and your details will be passed on to DUO (the Education Executive Agency). If you think you have a right to a Dutch student grant, you should contact DUO.

Simultaneously enrolment for a premaster and a master programme

If you enrol for a premaster in addition to registering as a fulltime student for a master programme, you will be exempt from payment for the premaster amount. You only owe the tuition fees applicable for the master programme.

If you de-enrol for this master programme in Studielink, then as of the first day of the month following the termination of your enrolment, you are enrolled only as a premaster student. From that moment on, instead of paying tuition fees, you owe the amount for the pending number of EC’s. Contact your study advisor and ask to send the admission form mentioning the pending number of EC’s to CSA.

Passed your premaster and starting the master

Once you have completed your premaster, you are admitted to the appropriate master. Your enrolment switches from a premaster enrolment with a payment per EC to a master enrolment with payment of tuition fees.

Premaster to master per 1 September or 1 February (intake moments), take the following two steps:

1. In Studielink you have to apply for enrolment for the master programme and arrange the payment of your tuition fees.

2. Contact your study advisor and ask to send the admission form for your master programme to CSA as soon as possible.

Premaster to master from any moment except the intake moments, take only step 2. CSA will contact you about your enrolment for the master and payment tuition fee.


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