Mission Statement CE&M

Mission statement Civil Engieering and Management

The Department of Civil Engineering operates at the interface of Civil Engineering, Public Administration and Management Science. It attempts to acquire qualitative and quantitative knowledge on all phases of the life cycle of civil engineering systems and objects, i.e. initiative, design, production, operation, maintenance and demolition, all in a societal and environmental context. The Department aims at disseminating this knowledge among students and practitioners, e.g. via the development of applicable and transferable methodologies and tools for the design, analysis and control of infrastructural civil engineering systems, and the integrated design and construction of civil engineering objects. It strives to provide the university with a technical base in civil engineering, and to place this in a relevant managerial, administrative and environmental context. It is interdisciplinary and international in its orientation and seeks relations with other universities and organisations that are leading the field.

The following objective is derived from this mission.

The Department of Civil Engineering wants to be an internationally oriented leading scientific institute that develops, applies and disseminates knowledge and tools for civil engineering in a societal and environmental context.