Academic counsellor

Academic counsellor CiT/CEM/CME

Mw. Ir. J. Roos-Krabbenbos

Tel.: 053 - 489 2341

Fax: 053 - 489 5370

Email:J. Roos-Krabbenbos

Location: Z214 building Horst (20)

Appointments via 06-83207943 (

The acadmic counselor advises students with problems concerning their study programme and studying in general. It is also possible to discuss your study experiences, complaints, study selection, -planning, -delay, (exam, study) regulations and legal issues. If necessary the academic counselor will refer you to supporting departments within or outside the university.

Open hour student psychologist

Every 1st and 3rd Thursday 12.30-13.30 hrs drs. Marjolein Engbers, a student psychologist of Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling, will have an open hour especially for students from Engineering Technology. The location is Horst BH-218 (in the corridor between Horst and Meander at the left). You can ask Marjolein about all facilities of the student’s psychologists (see also

There is no need to make an appointment or fill a form for this open hour.

Wait in the kitchen at the top of the stairs until it is your turn. If there are more than 4 students, please contact your academic counsellor in case you have an urgent problem. As every meeting will last +/- 15 minutes at most 4 students can be seen every hour.