Most courses of the programme are given in the building the “Horst”.

The numbering is derived from the four directions of the wind: North, East, South, West.

An important organisation BOZ (Educational Affairs Office) is – among other things – the place for information about regulations and the administration of grades. You can communicate via email bozcit@utwente.nl and visit BOZ after an appointment is made (HR-Z202).

General information about the master programme and the regulations can be found here: www.cem.utwente.nl

Information about schedules can be found here: http://www.cem.utwente.nl/master_programme/timetable/

Course information can be found at the course catalogue of Osiris https://osiris.utwente.nl/student/OnderwijsCatalogus.do

Education announcements (onderwijsmededelingen) can be found via the portal: http://my.utwente.nl/ut/index.html

When you decide to attend a course, you have to register the electronic learning environment Blackboard: https://blackboard.utwente.nl

Only registered students can access the course information and parts of the course material.

Any questions about automation, the laptop, and the network, can be clarified at the Notebook Service Centre (NSC) HorstRing W 130.

We advise you to organize your web environment. The entry for doing so is: http://my.utwente.nl/ut/index.html?tab=personal

Especially check out the web applications. For example Osiris serves as the service point for registration of exams and to get to your course grades.