Touch story

My touch overrunning international markets

Remco van der Elzen, alumnus Business and Information Technology and one of the founders/owners of Distimo

"What makes an app successful? Does a free app rate higher than one you need to pay for? Which markets are currently growing most rapidly? When the development of apps gained momentum, its developers had no idea what was happening in the market, what their competitors were doing. For this reason we have founded Distimo. We help app developers with tools and reports to gain useful insights and make their results quantifiable. When we started three years ago, we were convinced that we could conquer the American market. And, also owing to our ambition and wish to become a global player, we succeeded. Our publications can even be found in the Washington Post! The university has been very helpful in coming up with ideas and has stimulated and helped us to go for the adventure. We were given a loan, among other things, to bridge the first year as entrepreneurs. I am very happy that I was given and used this opportunity."