Touch story

My touch making the impossible possible

Prof Dr ing. Dave Blank, professor and scientific director MESA+, research institute for nanotechnology

"It is a very special feeling that the future lies in my hands. Nanotechnology, my discipline, is the technology of the 21st century. It has an impact on everything in our lives. And believe me, it is in Twente where we make it happen! In our high-tech MESA+ Nanolab using molecules and atoms we work at the most innovative ideas. A case in point is the development of new materials with properties previously unthinkable. For example, it will become possible to detect cancer at a very early stage in the future, via a pill that contains a complete laboratory. And what to think of a nose that can trace a TB infection? Or innovative computers that work on light only? Of course someone has to come up with such ideas. In nanotechnology, you have to be able to combine creativity and science, and that's what I find endlessly fascinating. The multidisciplinary collaboration with students and scientists from all faculties also gives an extra dimension. Technological developments are important, as is study of the social acceptance of such developments."