Touch story

My touch touching the sky

Gido Lagro, student and instructor at the climbing and alpinist association TSAC

"I have been mad about climbing since I was eight years old, and since I became a member of TSAC my passion has only increased. Climbing is a technically difficult sport and requires a huge amount of training. As an instructor, I teach the climbers new techniques in order to hang on to the wall as efficiently as possible. The wall is your opponent! Certainly on our 29-metre-high outside wall it is a battle each time to reach the highest point. Your muscles acidify and each time you try a route that is more difficult than the one before. Encouragement from the people on the ground certainly helps. The solidarity in our association is very strong. We have 200 members, but with as few as 15 people you can set up an association. We even have an association for underwater hockey. Really, the sky is the limit."