Touch story

My touch acting behind the scenes

Lisanne Jansen Holleboom, student of Technical Medicine, secretary and one of the Match, Route & Safety commissioners for the Batavians Race

"The 'Bata' is the world's largest relay race for and by students. They run from the University of Nijmegen to the University of Twente. Now that I have joined the organisation myself full-time during one year, I can see how extensive the organisation underlying the race is. I am not a runner myself, but I do give myself completely to make the organisation into a success. Making contact, collaborating, coordinating, and carrying responsibility is in my genes. And it allows me to develop my talent further. The technological gadgets give the Batavians Race an extra dimension. I never knew that it involved so much technology. We use all kinds of systems that we have developed ourselves to ensure an efficient and safe race and an accurate time registration. Our own students have developed a mobile app in the past few years. Not only I, but many others as well, will thus be given the opportunity to make a contribution to the race. We all work together to make the April event into a huge success."