Curriculum vitae (update April 2012)

Personal Details

name P.P.C.C. (Peter-Paul) Verbeek

first names

Peter-Paul Camiel Christiaan



date and place of birth

6 December 1970, Middelburg, The Netherlands




Brief overview

Peter-Paul Verbeek (1970) is full professor of Philosophy of Man and Technology at the Department of Philosophy, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands. He also holds the part-time Socrates chair at Delft University of Technology. Besides this, Verbeek is chairman of the ‘Young Academy’, which is part of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Verbeek’s research focuses on the social and cultural roles of technology and the ethical and anthropological aspects of human-technology relations. His publications include the monographs Moralizing Technology: Understanding and Designing the Morality of Things (University of Chicago Press, 2011), in which he investigates the moral significance of technologies and its implications for the ethics of technology design and use, and What Things Do: Philosophical Reflections on Technology, Agency, and Design (Penn State University Press, 2005), in which he elaborates an analysis of how technologies mediate human actions and experiences, with applications to industrial design. He also co-edited the volume User Behavior and Technology Design – Shaping Sustainable Relations between Consumers and Technologies (Springer, 2006) about the interaction between technology and behavior, and its relevance to technology design and environmental policy. Verbeeks research is part of the Netherlands Graduate School of Science, Technology and Modern Culture (WTMC), the Centre for Telematics and Information Technology (CTIT) of the University of Twente, and the 3TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology.

Currently, Verbeek is working on the project Technology and the limits of humanity: the ethics and anthropology of posthumanism, about human enhancement technology and its ethical and anthropological implications (NWO VIDI grant 2007). In 2008, he finished the project Technology and the Matter of Morality, about the moral significance of technologies, and its implications for ethical theory and the ethics of technology design (NWO VENI grant 2003).





Universiteit Twente, The Netherlands 1995 – 2000


philosophy (area of specialization: philosophy of technology)


8 December 2000

Promotor / Advisor:

Prof.dr. H.J. Achterhuis

Title dissertation:

De Daadkracht der Dingen – over techniek, filosofie en vormgeving
(Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Boom, 2000)






Universiteit Twente, 1989 – 1994


Philosophy of Science, Technology, and Society,
combined with Applied Physics


15 December 1994

Work experience

Jan. 2009 – present

Full professor
University of Twente, Faculty of Behavioral Science,
Department of Philosophy (0,9 fte)

within this appointment:

Jan. 2009 – Apr. 2011:

Director of Master Program
Philosophy of Science, Technology, and Society (0,2 fte)

University of Twente, Faculty of Behavioral Science

Dec. 2009 – present

Full professor (endowed chair) 0,2 fte
Socrates chair in Philosophy of Human Enhancement, Delft University of Technology (endowed by the Dutch Humanist Association; unpaid chair)

Apr. 2005 – Jan. 2009

Associate professor
University of Twente, Faculty of Behavioral Science,
Department of Philosophy (0,9 fte)

within this appointment:

Jul 2006 – Jan. 2009:

Director of Master Program
Philosophy of Science, Technology, and Society (0,2 fte)

University of Twente, Faculty of Behavioral Science

Oct. 2006 – Nov. 2006

Guest professor Aarhus University, Denmark

(Center for Studies of Science, Technology, and Society,

Department of Information- and Media Studies, Faculty of Humanities)

Aug. 1998 – Apr. 2005

Assistant professor
University of Twente, Faculty of Behavioral Science,
Department of Philosophy (0,8 fte, tenure)

within this appointment:

Jan. 1999 – Sept. 2004: member and secretary of Faculty Council (0,2 fte)

Feb. 1995 – aug. 1998

PhD candidate
University of Twente, Department of Philosophy
(0,8 fte, fixed-term)

beside this: pianist at theater company De Nieuwe Koning, Enschede (0,2 fte)


Prizes and Awards

awarded the prof. Roger Borghgraef Prize in Biomedical Ethics (K.U. Leuven)

appointed chairman of De Jonge Akademie / The Young Academy (KNAW)

Appointed member of De Jonge Akademie (The Young Academy), a division of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen (Royal Dutch Academy of Science).

Guest Professorship Aarhus University, Denmark (selected by the University Administration on the recommendation of the Center for Studies of Science, Technology, and Society of Aarhus University; Oct – Nov 2006)


project ‘Doing Good with Things’, Temporary Replacement Funding, applied with and for Katinka Waelbers, to finish her PhD project (EUR 33.030)

project 'The performative and relational abilities of things', NWO pilot programme 'PhD in Fine Arts', applicant with and for Yvonne Dröge Wendel, PhD candidate for 5 years 0,7 fte (running 2010-2015; EUR 225.000)

project ‘Telecare at Home’, NWO-Socially Responsible Innovation, co-applicant with prof. Nelly Oudshoorn (MB-STEPS). Funding for my Group: a postdoc (1,0 fte) for 3 years. Also: 0,1 fte for myself as project leader / researcher (running 2009 – 2013; EUR 220.000)

VIDI award for 5-year research project “Technology and the Limits of Humanity: the ethics and anthropology of posthumanism” (June 2008 – June 2013), € 600.000 (Veni, vidi, and vici grants belong to the most prestigious Dutch research grants, helping a small group of talented young scholars to establish their position in the field)

IOP-IPCR funding for a PhD project on the theory and ethics of behavior-steering technology, to be supervised by me (‘Innovative Research Projects – Integral Product Creation and Realization’, aimed at collaboration between universities and companies). This project is part of the overall project Design for Usability, in which 3 research groups in Industrial Design (Twente, Eindhoven, Delft) and my department collaborate in the field of human-product relations (total project: € 1.600.000).

Commission: preparation of session about the ethics of persuasive technology at conference Persuasive Technology 2006, Eindhoven University of Technology, Dept. of Human-Technology Interaction (Rathenau Institute, via Eindhoven University of Technology; € 1.500)

VENI award for the project ‘Technology and the Matter of Morality’. This grant enables me to further develop my own research line from August 2004 until July 2008 (€138.000, with matching budgets € 200.000)

NWO translation grant for the English translation of my dissertation ‘De Daadkracht der Dingen’ (US $ 5.000)

December 2000:
Commission of the Ministry of Environment and the AVV Traffic Research Centre (via NOVEM Utrecht) for coordinating an interdisciplinary research project on ‘Technology and Behavior’ which makes an inventory of conceptual frameworks and empirical approaches for analyzing the relationships between technology and behavior, and applies these frameworks and approaches to technology design and policy-making. (€40.000)

- Publication grant for publication of dissertation by the De Bussy Stichting (De Bussy Foundation) (NLG 2000)
- Publication grant for publication of dissertation by the Netherlands Graduate School Science, Technology and Modern Culture (NLG 1000)




Member of the scientific advisory board of the journal Philosophy and Technology (2011 – present).


Executive editor of the recently established book series Postphenomenology and the Philosophy of Technology at Lexington Books.


Editor of SATS. Nordic Journal of Philosophy (2010 – present)


Editor of Tijdschrift voor Filosofie (2010 – present)


Member of the editorial board of De Academische Boekengids (2011 – 2013)


Corresponding Editor of Design Philosophy Papers; 2003 – present



Editor of Technè – Research in Philosophy and Technology (journal of the Society for Philosophy and Technology), 2007 – 2011 (with Joseph Pitt (editor-in-chief) and Pieter Vermaas)


Editor of Krisis, tijdschrift voor empirische filosofie (Krisis - journal for empirical philosophy); 2002 – 2007


Editor of SPT newsletter (newsletter of the Society for Philosophy and Technology); 2002 – 2007

Conference organization

co-organization of double panel ‘Postphenomenology meets STS’, conference of the Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S), Cleveland, Oct 2011 (with Don Ihde)

Organization of conference track ‘Philosophy of Technology and Human Enhancement’, Society for Philosophy and Technology conference 2011, University of North Texas, May 2011

co-organization of symposium Product Impact: Technology Design and User Behavior, Nov 2010 (with Steven Dorrestijn)

Co-organization workshop ‘Postphenomenological research’. Stony Brook University New York, April 2010 (with Don Ihde)

Co-organization of double panel ‘Postphenomenology meets STS’, conference of the Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S), Washington, Oct 2009 (with Don Ihde)

Organization of track Philosophical Anthropology and Human Enhancement at SPT 2009 (May 2009)

Organization of session Actor Network Theory meets (Post)Phenomenology, joint conference of the Society for the Social Studies of Science and the European Association for Studies of Science and Technology, Rotterdam, 2008 (with Jack Post, Maastricht University)

Bi-annual conference of the Society for Philosophy and Technology, May 2009 (SPT 2009; world conference in philosophy of technology): scientific co-director, with Tsjalling Swierstra (co-director) and Philip Brey (general director).

Organization of workshop Moral Agency and Technological Artifacts, with prof. Peter Kroes (TU Delft), April 2007

Organization of workshop Taking Materiality into Account: on the philosophical relevance of material objects. Aarhus University, Denmark, November 9 2006 (with Finn Olesen)

Organization of seminar The Empirical Turn in the Philosophy of Technology, with prof. Don Ihde (State University of New York at Stony Brook), University of Twente (February 1998)

Other research activities

Member of NWO Committee Promoveren in de Kunsten 2011 - 2012

Member of working group Ultra-intelligent Transport, Stichting Toekomstbeeld der Techniek, 2011-present

Member of VENI Committee NWO – Humanities 2011

Member of working group Biobased Economy, Ministry of VROM, 2011

Co-author of NWO Programme Creative Industry, as part of a FES application for the Creative Industry, 2010

Member of project team working on an NWO Programme ‘Technology and Religion’, 2010 (progamme was not established)

Member of the Ethical Board of the Living Lab Project (Industrial Design, TU Delft, 2010-2011)

Member of VENI Committee NWO – Humanities 2009

Member of program committee Tilting Perspectives on Regulating Technologies, Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society, 10 - 11 December 2008

PhD supervision


Wouter Mensink (UL): promotor, with prof. Bernhard Katzy (UL). Title dissertation: Subject of innovation, or: how to redevelop “the patient” with technology; defended 20 Dec 2011

Katinka Waelbers (UT): promotor, with prof. Tsjalling Swierstra (then UT); Title dissertation: Doing good with things: taking responsibility for the social role of technologies; defended 25 June 2010

Asle Kiran (Trondheim University, Norway): external supervisor (no promotor), with prof. Dan Zahavi, Copenhagen; Title dissertation: The Primacy of Action – Technological Co-Constitution of Practical Space; defended 29 May 2009.


Steven Dorrestijn: project ‘Theory and ethics of behavior-influencing technology’ (promotor and supervisor)

Lucie Dalibert: project ‘Philosophy of Human Enhancement Technology’ (promotor and supervisor)

Yvonne Dröge Wendel: project ‘The performative and relational abilities of things’ (promotor and co-supervisor

Theo Wobbes: project ‘En ze leefden nog lang en gelukkig: naar een filosofie van mensverbetering’ (promotor; external PhD candidate)

Klaas de Groot: project ‘Anthropology of the Brain’ (promotor; external PhD candidate)

Nynke Tromp: project ‘Design for Society’ (copromotor, with Paul Hekkert, TUD)

Jantine Bouma: project ‘Design for social impact’ (copromotor, with Wim Poelman, UT)

Hanneke Miedema: project ‘Design Methodology and sustainability’ (copromotor, with Peter Groot Koerkamp, WUR)

Member of advisory committee dr. L. Dubbeld (Universiteit Twente). Title dissertation: The regulation of the observing gaze – privacy implications of camera surveillance (8 okt 2004).

Membership of doctorate committees

Wouter Eggink (Universiteit Twente). Title dissertation: Regels ter ontregeling. Lessen uit de geschiedenis van het tegendraads ontwerp (23 Sept 2011)

Louis Neeven (Universiteit Twente). Title dissertation: Representations of the old and ageing in the design of the new and emerging. Assessing the design of ambient intelligence technologies for older people (1 Sept 2011)

Gebeyehu Workneh Bogale (Universiteit Twente). Title dissertation: Using audio programmes to promote HIV prevention among illiterate, rural woman in Ethiopia ( 15 Dec 2010)

Jette Clausen (Aarhus University, Denmark). Title dissertation: How Materiality Shapes Childbirth (29 Oct 2010)

Irene Anggreeni (Universiteit Twente). Title dissertation: Making Use of Scenarios: Supporting Scenario Use in Product Design (17 Nov 2010)

Stephan Verhaegh (Universiteit Twente). Title dissertation: How Community Innovation Works (17 Dec 2010)

G. Valkenburg (Universiteit Twente). Title dissertation: Politics by All Means - An Enquiry into Technological Liberalism (5 June 2009)

C. ter Hoeven (Universiteit Twente). Title dissertation: Sick Notes: Multiple Life Domains Associated With Sickness-Related Absence (5 June 2009)

B. van den Berg (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam). Title dissertation: The Situated Self: identity in a world of Ambient Intelligence (23 Apr 2009)

E. Müller (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam). Title dissertation: Tijdreizen in de grot. Virtualiteit en lichamelijkheid van panorama tot CAVE (16 April 2009)

M. Noorman (Universiteit Maastricht). Title dissertation: Mind The Gap. A Critique of Human/Technology Analogies in Artificial Agents Discourse (23 January 2009)

Ph. Ross (TU Eindhoven). Title dissertation: Ethics and aesthetics in intelligent product and system design. (17 December 2008)

M. H. Derksen (TU Eindhoven). Title dissertation: Engineering flesh. Towards professional responsibility for 'lived bodies' in tissue engineering?  (28 October 2008)

M. Hoogsteyns (UvA). Title dissertation: Artefact Mens. Beoogde (17 September 2008)

A. Albrechtslund (Aalborg University, Denmark). Title dissertation: In the Eyes of the Beholder: Introducing participation and ethics to surveillance (30 June 2008)

P. Lemmens (Radboud University Nijmegen). Title dissertation: Gedreven door techniek. De menselijke conditie en de biotechnologische revolutie (May 8 2008)

M. Tideman (Universiteit Twente). Title dissertation: Scenario Based Product Design. (28 March 2008)

J. Ganzevles (University of Twente). Title dissertation: Technologie voor mens en milieu. Een actor-netwerk analyse van de ontwikkeling van energietechnologieën voor woningen. (18 oct 2007).

M. Radstake (Maastricht University). Title dissertation: Visions of illness: an endography of real-time medical imaging (31 mei 2007)

M. Sonneveld (Delft University of Technology). Title dissertation: Aesthetics of tactual experience. (10 april 2007).

M. Lim (University of Twente). Title dissertation: @rchipelago online – The Internet and Political Activism in Indonesia. (1 sept 2005, cum laude).

Administration and Management

President of the Society for Philosophy and Technology (2013 – present)

Chair of the department of philosophy, University of Twente, 2013 – present

Member of Council for the Humanities (Raad voor Geesteswetenschappen, KNAW), 2011 - present

Member of Raad van Toezicht (Supervisory Board) TNO, 2012 – present

Member of the Executive Board of the Society for Philosophy and Technology, 2009 – present

Member of Management Team of the Faculty of Behavioral Science (University of Twente), 2010 – 2011; 2013 - present

Chairman of The Young Academy (April 2011 – April 2013)

Member of KNAW Committee Integrity and Trust in Science and Policy, 2012)

Director of International Master Program Philosophy of Science, Technology, and Society (University of Twente), 2006 – 2011

Chairman of Programme Committee Philosophy of Science, Technology, and Society (University of Twente), 2004 – 2006

Co-chair of subdivision ‘Science and Society’ of The Young Academy (April 2010 – April 2011)

Chair of Program Committee Philosophy of Science, Technology, and Society, University of Twente (2004 – 2006)

Member of Prizes and Awards Committee, University of Twente, 2010 - present

Member of Committee Revision Bachelor Education, University of Twente, 2011 - present

Member of the Lustrum Committee, committee with 8 members from all over the university, chaired by the University Board, to prepare the 50th anniversary of the university; my portfolio was ‘Culture’ , 2010 - 2011

Chairman of the Curatorium of the chair ‘Reformatorische Wijsbegeerte’, Universiteit Twente

Member of Board of Examiners Applied Communication Science, University of Twente (2001 – 2006)

Secretary and member of Faculty Council, Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences (1999-2004)


Courses taught:

Introduction to Philosophy of Technology

Philosophical Antropology and Human-Technology relations

Philosophy of Engineering Science and Design

Cultuurfilosofie van de techniek (Philosophy of Technological Culture)

Techniekfilosofie (Philosophy of Technology)

Vormgeving en Mens-productrelaties (Design History and Human-Product Relation)

Filosofie van de Communicatie (Philosophy of Communication)

Methoden van Wijsgerig Onderzoek (Methods of Philosophical Research)

Wijsgerige Antropologie (Philosophical Anthropology)

Milieufilosofie (Environmental Philosophy)

seminar Scientific Integrity (Biomedical Technology Bachelor Programme)

recent Supervision of graduation projects (laste update: 2011):

Martha Stadlander (1st supervisor) – graduated 21 July 2011

Robert Jan Geerts (1st supervisor) – graduated 9 Jun 2011

Jochem Zwier (1st supervisor) – graduated 27 April 2011

Dominic Depner (1st supervisor) – graduated 31 Aug 2010

Rene Beerens (2nd supervisor) – graduated 30 August 2010

Johan de Jongh (2nd supervisor) – graduated 11 March 2010

Maarten Zeinstra (1st supervisor) – graduated 28 Sept 2009

Peter Vrenken (1st supervisor, PSTS) – graduated 10 Sept 2009

Sadjad Soltanzadeh (1st supervisor; PSTS) – graduated 6 July 2009

Winnie Dankers (2nd supervisor; Industrial Design) – graduated 13 March 2009




Verbeek, P.P. (2011), Moralizing Technology: Understanding and Designing the Morality of Things. Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, ISBN: 9780226852935 (200 pp.)

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edited volumes

Kroes, P. and P.P. Verbeek (eds.) (2014), The Moral Status of Technical Artefacts. Dordrecht: Springer, ISBN 978-94-007-7913-6 (248 pp.)

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special issues (edited)

Van de Poel, I.R. and P.P. Verbeek (eds.), Special issue on Ethics and Engineering Design, Science, Technology and Human Values, Vol. 31 no. 3 (May 2006), pp. 223-380, ISSN 0162-2439 (158 pp.)

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scientific articles (refereed)

P.P. Verbeek (2013). ‘Resistance Is Futile: Toward a Non-Modern Democratization of Technology’. In: Technè, Volume 17, Issue 1, pp. 72-92. ISSN 1091-8264

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contributions to scientific books


Verbeek, Peter-Paul (2014). ‘Postphenomenology of Technology’. In: R. Scharf and V. Dusek (eds.), ‪Philosophy of Technology‬: ‪The Technological Condition. An Anthology. Oxford: Wiley Blackwell. 2014.‬ ISBN: 978-1-118-54725-0, pp. 561-572

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‘Criticizing Technology: from Technology Assessment to Technology Accompaniment’. Lecture at symposium ‘Technology, Society, Change’, Free University Brussels, 25 March 2011 (invited)

‘Technologie, controle, en het subject’. Lecture at symposium ‘Controle’. KNAW, Amsterdam 11 feb 2011(invited)

‘Morality and Technology’. Guest lecture Wageningen University, 8 feb 2011 (invited)

‘De Gens van de Mens: over de relaties tussen mens en techniek’. Lecture at conference Twents meesterschap, 20 jan 2011.

‘Material Morality’. Lecture at symposium ‘Technological Complexity: Society and Nature by other means’. TU Delft, Complex Cities Studio / Urban Dynamics, 14 dec 2010 (invited)

‘Duurzaam Design’. Lecture at symposium ‘Duurzaamheid: de zin en onzin’. Universiteit Twente, 10 dec 2010 (invited)

‘Accompanying Technology: one more turn after the empirical and the ethical turn’. Lecture at lustrum symposium Ideefiks, University of Twente, 12 Nov 2010 (invited)

‘Mediation Theory and Design’. Lecture at Symposium ‘Product Impact’, University of Twente, 11 nov 2010 (self-organized symposium)

‘Technologie en identiteit’. Lecture at dispuutsavond KNAW, Amsterdam. 8 Nov 2010 (invited)

‘Mensverbetering en ethiek’. Table speech at Avond van Wetenschap en Maatschappij 2010, Ridderzaal, Den Haag, 1 nov 2010 (invited)

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‘Moralizing Technology for the Environment: Bridging the Experiential Gap’: skype lecture at workshop Philosophy of Technology and Environmental Philosophy, University of North Texas, 20 May 2010 (invited)

‘Technology and Moral Innovation’. Department of Innovation Studies, Utrecht University, 25 May 2010 (invited) .

‘Producing Being: On Anthropotechnology and Heidegger's Question Concerning Technology’. Stony Brook University, New York (Heidegger lecture series) 15 Apr 2010 (invited)

‘Humanity and Technology’ lecture (and ‘roastee 2010’ ), Technoscience Research Seminar, Stony Brook University, New York, 12 Apr 2010 (invited)

Panel member at symposium on scientific integrity – Koninklijke Academie van Wetenschappen, 08 Mar 2010 (invited)

‘Ethiek en nanotechnologie’ – Expert seminar Nanotechnologie, Utrecht, 08 Feb 2010 (invited)

‘Designing Behavior: Some reflections on the relations between products and behavior’. Lecture at workshop Objects of Energy Consumption: Using Material Culture as Source for an Environmental and Consumption-Oriented History of Technology, Deutsches Museum, Kerschensteiner Kolleg, München (Germany), 04 Feb 2010 (invited)

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‘Moralizing technology’. Enschede (University of Twente): biennial conference of the Society for Philosophy and Technology, 10 Jul 2009

‘Anthropology and technology’. Enschede (University of Twente): biennial conference of the Society for Philosophy and Technology, 9 Jul 2009 (accepted paper in track ‘Technology and Human Enhancement’, chaired by P.P. Verbeek)

‘Moralizing Technology: Toward a Non-modern Ethics of Things’. Oxford: Institute for Science, Innovation, and Society, Saïd Business School, May 21 2009 (invited)

‘Anthropology beyond Humanity: Understanding the Post-Human Body-Subject’. Copenhagen: Conference ‘Shaping Knowledge’, May 14-15 2009 (invited)

‘Technology and the Future of Humanity: toward a posthuman anthropology’. Enschede: Philosopher’s Rally 2009, May 12 2009 (invited)

‘Moralizing Technology: Understanding and Designing the Morality of Things’. Eindhoven: SIDeR conference 2009 ‘Flirting with the Future’, April 17 2009 (keynote, invited)

‘Governing the Mediated Self: Technological Morality and the Ethics of Information Technology’. Milan: Catholic University of Milan, 27 March 2009 (invited)

Public discussion with Richard Sennett on ‘Resilience in the World of New Capitalism’, Lolle Nauta Forum, Groningen, 19 March 2009 (invited)

‘Subject to Technology: Discussion of Antoinette Rouvroy’s paper Governmentality in an Age of Autonomic Computing’. Colloquium on The Impact of Autonomic Computing on Identity and Legal Subjectivity, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 16 Jan 2009 (invited)

What Things Do: Technological Mediation and Human-Technology Relations; Moralizing Technology: Understanding and Designing the Morality of Things. Two keynote lectures at seminar Design Ethics and Software Development for Mobile Devices. Aalborg University, Denmark, Nov 18 2008 (keynote, invited)

What Things Do: Understanding and Designing Human-Product Relations. Lecture at Designskolen Kolding, Denmark, Nov 17 2008 (invited)

Of Signs and Things - Some Reflections on Meaning, Mediation and Morality’. Opening lecture of DeSForM 2008 - the 4th European Workshop on Design & Semantics of Form & Movement. Hochschule für Gestaltung, Offenbach am Main, Germany, Nov 6 2008 (keynote, invited)

‘Posthuman Visions: on mediation, morality, and humanity’. Paper for conference of the Society for the Phenomenology of the Human Sciences. Pittsburg, October 2008 (accepted paper)

‘Trusting ethics to technology: On Persuasive Technology and Moral Agency’. Lecture at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, Department of Philosophy (Templeton program), 13 October 2008 (invited)

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‘Subject to Technology: The Mediated Subject and the Good Life’. Paper presented at workshop The Good Life in a Technological Age. Enschede: University of Twente, June 12-14 2008 (invited)

‘Technologies of the Self: Information Technologies and Subject Creation’. Lecture at symposium Creative IT. Enschede: Center for Telematics and Information Technology, June 11 2008 (invited)

‘Moral Subjects and Smart Environments: Toward an Ethics of the Mediated Self’. Lezing op workshop Philosophy of Artificial Environments. Roskilde University, Denemarken, 5-6 juni 2008 (invited)

‘Waardigheid voorbij de mens?’. Lezing op symposium Betere mensen maken? Blaise Pascal Instituut, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam (invited)

‘Naar een posthumanistische ethiek’. Colloquium Praktische Filosofie, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, 24 Oct 2007 (invited)

‘Actor-Network Theory and Phenomenology: the Nonmodern Connection’. Paper presentation at 4S Conference (Society for the Social Studies of Science), Montreal, Canada, 12 Oct 2007 (accepted paper)

‘A postphenomenology of ultrasound’. Paper presentation at 4S Conference (Society for the Social Studies of Science), Montreal, Canada, 11 Oct 2007 (accepted paper)

‘Wetenschap als technologische praktijk’. Lecture at workshop Stijl & Habitus: disciplinespecifieke vormende waarden in het academisch onderwijs. Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Wetenschap & Samenleving, 21 August 2007 (invited)

‘Technologie en het goede leven’. Lecture at symposium Lof en troost van de wijsbegeerte – on the occasion of the retirement of prof.dr. Hans Achterhuis, University of Twente, 7 June 2007 (invited)

‘The Technological Mediation of Morality - A Post-Phenomenological Approach to Moral Subjectivity and Moral Objectivity’. Lecture at workshop Moral agency and technical artifacts, NIAS, The Hague 10-12 May 2007 (closed workshop)

‘Toward a Posthumanist Ethics of Technology’. Lecture at Workshop in Philosophy of Technology, Roskilde University, Denmark, 1 March 2007 (invited)

‘What Things Do: On the Philosophy of Technology and Design’, lecture at Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, Studium Generale, 21 Feb. 2007 (invited)

‘Technology and Democracy: the parliament of things’. Lecture at PhD workshop on Technology and Democracy, Netherlands Graduate School for Science, Technology, and Modern Culture (WTMC). Soeterbeeck, Ravenstein, Feb 7 2007 (invited)

‘Ethiek voorbij de mens - over techniekfilosofie, ethiek, en posthumanisme’. Colloquium at Institute for Science, Innovation, and Society, Radboud University Nijmegen, Feb 6 2007 (invited)

‘Reply to critics’, in discussion session about the book User Behavior and Technology Development (eds. Peter-Paul Verbeek & Adriaan Slob), Annual Meeting of the Netherlands Graduate Research School of Science, Technology, and Modern Culture, Amsterdam, Nov. 16 2006

‘Taking Materiality into Account’. Introduction to workshop with the same title at Aarhus University, Denmark, organized with Finn Olesen (Centre for STS Studies), in cooperation with Johanna Seibt (Department of Philosophy and History of Ideas), Nov 9 2006.

‘Moralizing Technology: on the moral relevance of technological artifacts’, Centre for STS Studies, Institute for Information- and Media Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark, Nov 1 2006

‘What Things Do: On the philosophy of technology and design’, Centre for STS Studies, Institute for Information- and Media Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark, Oct 25 2006

‘The Technological Mediation of Morality’. Paper for session on Postphenomenology and the Contemporary Lifeworld, Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences, SPEP 2006, Philadelphia PA (hosted by Villanova University), October 13 2006 (accepted paper)

‘Persuasive Technology and Moral Responsibility’. Paper for conference Persuasive Technology 2006, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, May 18 2006 (accepted paper)

‘Morality and Technology’. One-day seminar in PhD course, Aarhus University, Denmark, May 25-29 2006 (invited)

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‘Moralizing Technology: On the Morality of Technological Artifacts and Their Design’. Keynote lecture at workshop ‘Methodologies for the Moral Evaluation of Technology Development’. Ethics Institute, Utrecht University, The Netherlands, March 24-25 2006 (invited)

‘Wetenschap en techniek: scheppers van een nieuwe mens?’. Lecture in university project Science and Ethics, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, March 22 2006 (invited)

‘The Technological Mediation of Morality’, ‘Diversions’ seminar, Eindhoven University of Technology, Section Philosophy, January 24 2006 (invited)

‘What Things Do – Taking Mediation into Design’, lecture and seminar at Mads Clausen Institute, University of Southern Denmark, Sønderborg, Denmark (invited)

‘The Morality of Design’, SPT conference (Society for Philosophy and Technology) July 2005, Delft, The Netherlands (accepted paper)

‘We Have Never Been Humans’, lecture at seminar Posthumanity and Technology, IT University, København, Denmark, 26 May 2004 (invited)

‘Beyond the Human Eye: Mediated Vision and Posthumanity’, lecture at seminar Mediated Vision, AKI Academy for Visual Arts and Design, Enschede, The Netherlands, 27 April 2004 (invited)

‘The Acts of Artifacts’, lecture at seminar Tangible Interactions, Mads Clausen Institute, University of Southern Denmark, Sønderborg, Denmark, 17 June 2003 (invited)

‘Technopolis – the Public Life of Technological Artifacts’, paper presented at conference Technology, The City, and Public Life, University of Lisbon, Institute of Social Science, Lisbon, Portugal, 20-21 September 2002 (invited)

'Materializing Morality', paper presented at EASST conference (European Association for Studies of Science and Technology), York, UK, July 2002 (accepted paper; published on conference-CDROM)

‘New Media and the Quality of Life’, workshop Value Sensitive Design, University of Washington, Seattle, USA, 10-12 September 2000, with Philip Brey (invited)

‘Het woord is aan de dingen - over communicatiekundig ontwerpen en techniekfilosofie’, conference Communicatiewetenschappen: de groeistuipen voorbij, Universiteit Twente, Enschede, March 2000 (accepted paper)

‘Another Sense of Taste’, paper presented at workshop Configuring Use, Producing Taste, Performing Citizenship, organized by WTMC graduate school The Netherlands & CSI Paris, Maastricht, November 1999 (accepted paper)

‘To the things themselves - or: how to think about things?’, paper presented at conference Sociality/Materiality: the status of the object in social science, Brunel University, Uxbridge, UK, September 1999 (accepted paper)

‘Philosophy from Things’, Universität für angewandte Kunst, June 1999, Vienna, Austria (invited)

‘Things of Good Taste’, paper for conference Beyond Taste, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK 10 April, 1999 (invited)


General activities


chairman of the jury of the yearly Socrates Prize, for the best Dutch-language philosophy book (2011 – present)


columnist at Twentsche Courant Tubantia (2011 – present)


regular moderator of Science Café Enschede (2009 – present)

Public lectures (2005-2011):


14 Dec 2011: Lecture ‘Techniek en de grens van de mens’. Stichting De Maakbare Mens, Antwerpen.


1 Nov 2011: presentation of ‘Valorisatietest’ (Relevance Test), Lustrum symposium Rathenau Institue in cooperation with The Young Academy


31 Oct 2011: lecture ‘De moraliteit van techniek’. Nederlands-Vlaamse Filosofiedag, TU Delft (with Hans Achterhuis and Peter Kroes)


30 Sept 2011: panelist at Meeting of Young Minds: genomics and politics. Free University Amsterdam / Rathenau Institute


30 Sept 2011: discussion leader workshop Art and Genomics, KNAW, Amsterdam


23 Sept 2011: lecture ‘Technology and the Future of Humanity’, Discovery Festival, NEMO Amsterdam


14 Sept 2011: lecture ‘Brain Technology and the Limits of Humanity’, Studium Generale, Groningen


12 July 2011: lecture ‘Governance and the Ethics of Technology’. Focus conferences programme, Nyenrode University , Breukelen.


8 June 2011: lecture and discussion ‘De Grens van de Mens’, Science Café Deventer


23 May 2011: lecture Philosophy of Technology and New Media, Saxion Hogeschool, Enschede


18 May 2011: lecture at Leernetwerk Openbaar Bestuur, Wassenaar (Programme for top officials at the Dutch ministries)


11 May 2011: Lecture at symposium ‘Body Building’. Study association Paradoks, University of Twente


15 April 2011: book presentation ‘De Grens van de Mens’; lecture and public discussion with two critics, Boekhandel Donner, Rotterdam.


8 April 2011: presentation of Socrates Prize, as chairman of the jury at De Nacht van de Filosofie / The Night of Philosophy


8 April 2011: Public Interview about Philosophy of Technology and Human Enhancement at De Nacht van de Filosofie (The Night of Philosophy)


March 8 / 16 / 31 2011: masterclass ‘De toekomst van de mens’, Twente Academy (for 3rd grade secondary school pupils)


10 Nov 2010: Van Kleef Lezing ‘Robots in de zorg, bondgenoten voor de toekomst?’, Rotterdam


20 Okt 2010: lezing ‘Duurzaam Design: Technisch ontwerp en menselijk gedrag’. Hengelo: HEIM techniekmuseum


21 Aug 2010: lecture at Lowlands University: Techniek en de toekomst van de mens (Technology and the future of humanity) (Lowlands Festival, Biddinghuizen)


29 May 2010: lecture ‘Leven in een nanotoop’, festival Nanotopia, LUX debatcentrum Nijmegen.


16 May 2010: lecture ‘Het religieuze in de techniek’. Leerhuis, Oecumenische Vieringen Drienerlo, Enschede


08 Apr 2010: Standup Philosophy – Bibliotheek Hengelo (with Petra Bruulsema, Petran Kockelkoren and Tsjalling Swierstra)


24 Feb 2010: ‘De Moraal van Techniek’ – lecture Studium Generale, TU Eindhoven


05 Jan 2010: lecture ‘De grens van de mens’ – Humanistisch Café Zwolle


20 Nov 2009: Panel discussion ‘De Maakbare Mens’, LUX debatcentrum, Nijmegen


26 Oct 2009: Lecture ‘Technologies of choice and control’. Amsterdam, Rietveld Academy


16 June 2009: Lecture ‘De ingenieur van de toekomst’. Zwolle: Hogeschool Windesheim


9 April 2009: Lecture ‘De daadkracht der dingen: over de relaties tussen mens en techniek’. Enschede: Saxion Hogeschool


lecture ‘De verbeelding van de ingenieur’ (Designer’s Imaginations). Congress: The Future Engineer, organized by KIVI-NIRIA, as part of festival Vliegende Hollanders 2008 (Flying Dutchmen 2008), 11 nov 2008


lecture ‘De maakbare mens’ (Humanity in the Making). IKB Hengelo, 30 oct 2008


member of panel ‘Standup Philosophy’, activity for the ‘Month of Philosophy’ 2008. Hengelo: stadsbibliotheek, 24 April 2008


member of panel ‘Baby in zicht’ (Baby in Sight), festival Het Glazen Lichaam (organized by the Rathenau Institute and NRC Handelsblad), Rotterdam: 2 Feb 2008


lecture ‘Gattaca: de grens van de mens’ (Gattaca: the limits of humanity). Enschede: Volksuniversiteit en Concordia Cinema, cyclus Film & Filosofie, 7 Dec 2007.


lecture ‘De mens voorbij: over transhumanisme in de film’ (Beyond humanity: on transhumanism in cinema). Studium Generale Universiteit Twente, 27 March 2007.


lecture ‘Wat dingen doen’ (What Things Do), symposium Eeuwig de jouwe, AKI Academie voor Kunst en Vormgeving, Enschede, 29 November 2006


presentation and panel discussion on ‘The ethics of persuasive technology’ at Science Cafe ‘Je computer als coach’, Eindhoven, 15 November 2006


lecture ‘Technologie en de grens van de mens: over humanisme in een technologische cultuur’ (Technology and the limits of the human: on humanism in a technological culture), Humanistisch Verbond Midden/Zuid Twente, 20 September 2006


lecture ‘Wetenschap en techniek: scheppers van een nieuwe mens?’ (for university project Science and Ethics), Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 22 March 2006


lecture ‘Elephant’ (in series ‘Filofilms’), Concordia Cinema, Enschede, 22 december 2005


lecture ‘Martin Heidegger en de angst voor techniek’, Studium Generale Universiteit Twente, 8 november 2005


lecture ‘Wat de dingen met ons doen’, Vlaamse werkgeversorganisatie VKW Vitra, Diegem (België), 23 september 2005


opening lecture conference ‘Onderzoeken en Ontwerpen in het Onderwijs’, ELAN - Universiteit Twente, 28 juni 2005


lecture at symposium ‘Mediatie en techniek’, AKI Academie voor Kunst en Vormgeving, Enschede, 25 april 2005


lecture in series ‘Techniek, Design en Kunst’, KIvI, 12 januari 2005

Newspaper and journal interviews (updated until 2011):


interview Maarten Keulemans: ‘Ik, de cyborg’. Volkskrant, pp. 14-15, 7 Aug 2011


interview Christiaan Jongeneel: 'Technologie stuurt het filosofisch debat'. De Ingenieur, nr. 10/11, p. 52-55, July 2011


article about lecture ‘Management tussen beheersen en beheren’ (Focus Seminars), Dagblad Trouw, 14 July 2011


interview Frank Meester: 'Sleutelen aan de mens - tot hoever gaan we?', Filosofie Magazine, 3 June 2011


book review by Hans Achterhuis of De Grens van de Mens: ‘Versmelting van Mens en Techniek’. De Volkskrant, 28 mei, Boeken, p. 9, 28 May 2011


Interview Maartje Somers, “Ik ben allergisch voor conservatisme”, NRC Handelsblad, 21 April 2011


Interview “Sleutelen aan mensen”, Anne Velthausz, TC Tubantia, 16 April 2011


Interview Anna Luyten: het mensbeeld van drie Nederlandse filosofen, Vrij Nederland, 2 April 2011


Jan Hoogland and Aart Deddens: interview ‘Ethiek is een flexibel fundament’. In: Beweging 74:1 (Nanospecial), pp. 14-15, April 2011


Nico Dullemans: interview ‘Ons geweten zit steeds meer ook in onze omgeving’. In: Nico Dullemans e.a. (red.), Katholieke scholen: onderwijs kan niet zonder filosofie. Woerden: Bond KBVO, 2010


Karen Geurtsen: interview ‘Wij zijn van nature kunstmatig’. In: HP | De Tijd, 17 September 2010, pp. 6 – 9 (20-year anniversary issue)


Floor van den Hout: interview ‘Homo Sapiens 2.0’. In: Quest, June 2010, pp. 32-37


Henk van der Laan: interview ‘Nieuwe techniek vraagt nieuwe ethiek’. In: Friesch Dagblad, 25 Feb 2010


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Interview Serge Mouthaan, ‘Mag de robot mijn oma verzorgen?. In: De Volkskrant, 30 maart 2007 (Dutch national newspaper)

Radio and TV interviews (updated until 2011):


rerun of radio-interview Casa Luna, NCRV, Radio 1, 22 Aug 2011


radio interview ‘Twee dingen’, omroep Max, Radio 1, 19 July 2011


television interview Boeken, VPRO, Nederland 1, 11.20 uur, 8 May 2011


radio interview Casa Luna, radio 1 (NCRV) because of the presentation of my book De Grens van de Mens, 15/16 April 2011


radio interview Hoe?Zo! radio, 25 April 2011


interview in De Andere Wereld (IKON, Radio 5, 7 – 8 uur), 3 April 2011


interview as ‘meedenker’ of website ‘Dus ik ben’, 7 March 2011


research portrait for KNAW by MediaRidders / FastFacts: Hoe denken we na over de maakbare mens? (at ,,, and, 2010


Interview radio programme De Andere Wereld: Ethische aspecten van hersenimplantaten. IKON, Radio 5, 17 Oct 2010 (Dutch National radio)


Interview Labyrint radio: Kernenergie en de bedreigingen van technologie. Radio 1, VPRO, 10 Oct 2010 (Dutch National radio)


Monthly commentator in opinion programme Altijd Wat (NCRV, Nederland 2), Sept 2010 – Feb 2011


Radio interview (1 uur), Schepper&co, Radio 5 (Dutch national radio), 18 July 2010


radio interview Noorderlicht Radio (science magazine), Elektroden in het Brein. Radio 1, 11 Mar 2010


Radio interview Pieter van der Wielen, ‘Mens en techniek’. In: Noorderlicht, VPRO, 14 October 2009


Television interview Wim Brands, ‘De maakbare mens’. In: Boeken, VPRO, 11 October 2009


Radio discussion in Hoe?Zo! Radio: De toekomst van de evolutie. Radio 1, 10 Jan 2009


Radio discussion about Evolution theory and the future of humanity. Hoe?Zo! Radio, Radio 1, 10 Jan 2009 (Dutch national radio)


Radio discussion about ethics and technology, Desmet Live, 28 maart 2008 (Dutch national radio)


Radio interview science magazine ‘HoeZo’ (747 AM, 9 maart 2006) (Dutch national radio)


Radio interview about the 50th anniversary of the microchip. Tros Nieuwsshow, Radio 1, 13 September 2008 (Dutch national radio)