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Travel information for participants to Ethics and Technology

If you come to the University of Twente by air:  

Take a plane to Schiphol Airport (= Amsterdam Airport ), then take a direct train from Schiphol to the city of Hengelo . Train departures (final destination Enschede) are seven minutes to the hour (there is another train seven minutes to the half hour; you then have to switch in Amersfoort , the train to Hengelo/Enschede is waiting at the other side of the platform). Note that this train does not pass through Amsterdam Central Station and takes a little more than two hours to arrive in Hengelo . In Hengelo you can take a taxi, a train taxi or a local bus to the University (approx. 10 minutes). 
The train station at Schiphol Airport is inside, below the airport terminals; just follow the signs in the arrivals hall. Hengelo is one stop before Enschede, the city in which the University of  Twente is located (the campus is actually located in between the two cities). From Hengelo , you can take a taxi, bus or train-taxi.  Your final stop is conference centre and conference hotel "Drienerburght" on the campus of the University.  See a campus map at   The “Drienerburght” is no. 15 on the map (slightly left to the middle.)

If you come to the University of Twente  by car or public transportation, please check directions at

Reimbursement Guidelines for participants to Ethics and Technology

  1. Participants do not need to make any (advance) payments for accommodation or meals for the duration of the workshop. Dutch participants are entitled to one night at the conference hotel "De Drienerburght," (Friday night, Jan 30 to 31). Foreign participants are entitled to three nights (Thursday to Saturday night, Jan. 29 to Feb. 1). Participants can book extra nights or choose to stay at another hotel at their own expense. Please inform Charlene Versluijs if you wish to extend your stay, change accommodations or have additional requests. Meals and tea and coffee will be provided at no charge.
  2. For foreign participants, but not for Dutch participants (sorry!), we also reimburse travel expenses. Workshop participants are reimbursed for actual expenses. Expenses are documented by submission of *ORIGINAL* receipts, photocopies are not allowed.
  3. Reimbursable travel must be between the participant's home site (or another site to which the organizers have explicitly consented) and the workshop.
  4. Economy (coach) class airlines are required. Foreign guests are allowed 1st class train travel, however.

Campus tour:

Information on the University of Twente :

Information on the city of Enschede :  (“English” button)

A foreigner's impression of Enschede and surroundings:

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