Technology & Modernity: The Empirical Turn  

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In the organization of the workshop, experiences are taken into account that have been gained from the previous international workshops we have organized: a maximum of 35 participants, intensive interactions, amongst other because participants receive papers beforehand and because invited discussants are given ample time to present comments. In our format, a typical session will consist of two twenty minute commentary sessions by two discussants, optionally preceded by a brief presentation by the speaker, and followed by a five to ten minute reply by the speaker and a forty to forty-five minute open discussion.


Guidelines for Speakers

1 - Guidelines for preparing the paper

The organizing committee is happy to provide feedback on topics, draft proposals and drafts.

Deadline and submission: January 15, 2004. Please e-mail your paper to your two discussants and to Charlene Versluijs by this date. Charlene Versluys is a graduate student employed by the department of philosophy who will take care to distribute the paper to the remainder of the workshop participants. (If, by any chance, you do not succeed in completing a full paper in time, we ask you to at least send the two discussants and us a discussion piece that presents a coherent and debatable argument.)

Format: No preferred length or format, although our preferred length for book chapters will be 6000-9000 words. Please include a brief abstract, and your name and address (including e-mail address).

General: For general suggestions to guide your writing, see the aims of the workshop and our preliminary book proposal under Agenda.

Author-specific: The November e-mail by Tsjalling Swierstra includes some specific guidelines for your paper.  Your discussants have been selected because they have expertise in the area(s) mentioned in this e-mail, or in adjacent areas.

2 - Guidelines for your session

You are not expected to present your paper at the workshop. The papers are circulated in advance and participants are expected to read your paper before the workshop and to be familiar with its contents. This follows the format of previous successful Twente Workshops organized by us. At your session, two discussants will each take 20-25 minutes to comment on your paper. The first discussant is also asked to summarize your paper as a reminder for all participants. After the discussants complete their comments, you are invited to respond to the commentary in 5-10 minutes. Thereafter, there will be a general discussion that is open to all. 


Guidelines for Discussants

You are expected deliver a 20-25 minute presentation on the paper assigned to you, connecting its themes to your own research if possible, and commenting on its methodology and substantive claims regarding ethics and technology.

Unless discussants agree to present in a different order (and they should feel free to do so), the discussant listed first in the program goes first. It would be helpful if the first commentator summarizes key elements of the paper s/he is commenting on, as not everyone may have had time to read all papers. Please also try to thematize points for the general discussion that follows after the brief reply by the author.

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