Prof.dr. Lissa Roberts


From 1 march 2009, The University of Twente has appointed dr. Lissa L. Roberts as Professor ‘Long term of Science and Technology’. She leads the research cluster of the same name, which forms part of the vakgroep Science, Technology, & Policy Studies (STePS) and gives special attention to the historical development of and relations between science, technology and society. The other two research themes of STePS deal with Science and Innovation Policies, led by prof. Stefan Kuhlmann and prof. Rob Hoppe, Technology Dynamics and Assessment, led by prof. Nelly Oudshoorn. All three research lines of STePS have recently been evaluated by an international committee as ‘excellent’.

Promotion dr. Lissa L. Roberts as Professor ‘Long term of Science and Technology’

Professor Roberts plans to continue developing her research in three primary directions: entrepreneurial engineers in historical perspective, chemistry in everyday life and situating science and technology in global history. A major study will appear later this year on the role of mediators in stimulating the global circulation of knowledge and know-how, entitled The brokered world: Go-betweens and global intelligence, 1770-1820. She is also guest editor of special issues of the journals History of Technology and Itinerario, both of which will appear in April 2009. The first contains a series of articles that place the relationship between knowledge production and material production in historical context. The second is entitled Local encounters and the global circulation of knowledge, 1750-1850.

Lissa Roberts received her PhD in European cultural and intellectual history at U.C.L.A., where she wrote a dissertation entitled From Natural Theology to Naturalism: Diderot and the Perception of Rapports. Since that time, Dr. Roberts has held positions at a number of universities in both the United States (including UCLA, University of California at Irvine, Washington University and San Diego State University) and the Netherlands.