Titel Stageopdracht

Developing innovative eHealth interventions for forensic patients and their family


Transfore (part of the Dimence group)



Gewenste periode voor de stage

April – July

De Opdracht

eHealth technologies provide many innovative opportunities to increase the quality of care within forensic psychiatry. Because of this, the University of Twente and Transfore have started a new project to find a way to integrate eHealth within treatment interventions for patients that have committed an offence and suffer from psychiatric disorders. This patient population is very interesting, but also complex because of their aggressive and impulsive behaviour, limited motivation for treatment, a low tolerance for frustration and cultural diversity. Primary support systems are often affected by patient’s behaviour, and they are the first to notice relapse behaviour, so we aim to involve their primary support system in our approach.

The main goal of this project is to gather new knowledge on and implement innovative treatment methods for patients in forensic psychiatry. The combination of offline and online methods to support these patients and their social system in reducing risks and regulating emotions is central. However, before we can even start to think about possible interventions, a clear overview of the context in which the technology will be used is required. During your internship, you will do just this, by means of answering these two main questions:


What stakeholders are involved in this project?


What does the current situation look like? In what way is the family currently involved in the treatment?

In order to answer these questions, you will conduct a wide range of activities within Transfore. Some examples are interviews with stakeholders like healthcare professionals and managers working at Transfore, observations of the current situation, and additional desk research. All of this will result in a final report that contains a clear overview of the context.

We are looking for a student that is proactive, has good communication skills, and is interested eHealth and forensic psychiatry. Furthermore, there are possibilities to combine this internship with a master thesis that focuses on the perspective of the family within this project.

Informatie Contactpersoon:

Naam: Yvonne Bouman

Telefoon: 0570 604455

Email: y.bouman@transfore.nl