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September 2010 I graduated the Research master Social Psychology at Tilburg University. After working a few months as a voluntary researcher at the NSCR (Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement) investigating transitions into adulthood and delinquency, I started as a junior researcher in September 2011 at the University of Twente. In March 2013 I started as a PhD-student at the University of Twente at the Department Psychology of Conflict, Risk and Safety.


Title: Making sense of risk information: seeking, processing and sharing information about food issues

Description: There is an abundance of risk information available to the individual. My PhD project aims to gain insight in the way individuals make sense of this abundance of information and in how their social environment shapes the way in which they respond to all the available information.

This project, that is funded by the NVWA (Dutch Food Safety Authority), follows-up on the results of the FP-7 project called ‘FoodRisC’, on which I worked as a junior researcher. Building on the RISP model (Griffin et al., 1999), theories of behavioral decision making, dual processing models such as the Systematic-Heuristic Model (Chaiken, 1980) and the Theory of planned behavior (Ajzen, 1991), the research focuses on how people deal with information about food risks related to new technologies. Organic food and the use of nanotechnology in food products are used as examples of new food technologies. Outcomes from this project provide insights in the way individuals make sense of risk information in an environment with an abundance of information, in how they process such information, and in what motivates them to share this information with others.