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In 2011, I obtained an undergraduate degree in Criminology with a minor Forensic Linguistics at the VU University in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I continued my pathway with the master Psychology and Investigation at the Huddersfield University, United Kingdom. For my master thesis I have explored the methods that can be used to dominate victims of human trafficking for sexual exploitation in The Netherlands. In 2013 I started as a junior researcher at PCRS in where I focused on the influence of culture (i.e., uncertainty avoidance) on crisis negotiation. Since 2014, I am a PhD student here and my project focuses on communication error management in crisis negotiations and suspect interviews. I have a broad interest in crime in general and psychology-related research in particular.

Teaching CODE

Group Dynamics and Intervention 201100014

Guest Lecturer in Psychology and Crime 201400580

Supervision of Bachelor theses 201000150


Communication error management in police-civilian interactions (PhD, 2014-now)

Cultural differences, influencing behavior and crisis negotiation (2013-2014)

Consequences of incarceration upon (ex-)prisoners (2012-2013)

Witness statements of human trafficking (2013)

Human trafficking for sexual exploitation (2012)


Ioannou, M. & Oostinga, M. S. D. (2015). An empirical framework of control methods of victims of human trafficking for sexual exploitation. Global crime, 16(1), 34-49. doi: 10.1080/17440572.2014.979915

Klerx-van Mierlo, F., Youngs, D., Oostinga, M., Mergaerts, L., VanDale, D., Velden, van der P. (2014). Bejegening van getraumatiseerde slachtoffers van mensenhandel ten behoeve van coherente of consistente getuigenverklaringen. Een internationaal verkennende studie. [Treatment of traumatized victims of human trafficking in order to attain coherent or consistent witness statements. An international exploratory study]. Tilburg, NL: International Victomology Institute Tilburg (INTERVICT).