Duff, Serena (Jun - Aug 2013)

Exchange student





























I am a student from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland about to complete the final year of my four year Bachelor of Art Honours Degree. I will graduate in May 2014. I am interested in the areas of Forensic Psychology. During the summer of 2013 from June to August I was a summer intern at the Psychology of Conflict, Risk and Safety Department. I worked on the projects with another student intern, Max Nisbet.

During my three month stay here in the Netherlands I worked on two projects. One was based on conflict between civilians and people who worked in the public, such as public transport workers, taxicab drivers, security personnel and healthcare staff, working with Dr. Elze Ufkes. I had to produce a literature review based on the journals I found concerning violence between civilians and public workers, and I also had to search for videos of violence that occurred in different countries which was recorded by CCTV or members of the public. The second project was focused on crisis negotiations, which investigated the cultural differences between Dutch and German hostage negotiators. Primarily, I had to analyse the data from this project. Each interaction of negotiation was recorded and then transcribed by Giebels’ (2002) Table of Ten. I had to then run the codes through Proximity Coefficient software (ProxCalc) which depicted whether the codes we were interested in were close together in a sequence of behaviour or far apart. Further analyses were conducted in SPSS and I produced a report of my findings. Our projects were supervised by Prof. dr. Ellen Giebels.