Department Psychology of Conflict, Risk & Safety (PCRS)

Welcome at the department of Psychology of Conflict, Risk & Safety. From a (social-) psychological perspective, our work focuses on themes in the areas of risk perception and risk communication, conflict and crisis management and the antecedents of risky, antisocial and criminal behaviour. We are in charge of an unique Psychology Mastertrack: Conflict, Risk & Safety (CRV). Mastersite Universiteit Twente.

Our research is united in the Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies IGS and the research center for Conflict, Risk and Safety Perception Welcome to iCRiSP.

We have an applied focus which is reflected in an ongoing collaboration with partners from law enforcement agencies, the national public prosecutor’s office, the military, TNO, the Legal Aid Council, WODC, the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, the National Crisis Center etc.